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or houston with lowry.

dragic as starting pg and beverly as backup pg would be so fucking good

the best thing jim buss could do to screw over phil jackson is fire d'antoni and hire steve kerr
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I'm still kind of surprised George Karl is killing time as an ESPN analyst right now. He should definitely be coaching somewhere in the league. He was the reigning Coach of the Year when he was fired and I think the reason was because, according to the Nuggets owner, he didn't play JaVale McGee enough, or something stupid like that. There are some real crappy coaches in the league right now (Mike Woodson, I'm looking at you).
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

fucking love me some swaggy p. im going to miss watching these lakers play. atleast for the next 2 years it wont be the same
swaggylicious! he really plays with a lot of joy. and hardly any defense at all.
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i would have jumped in to help. smh
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Bucks just sold for $550m. Crazy how valuable the nba is that even the shittiest team sells for that much
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