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All series are 1-1 icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Dub Dub Dub Dub Dub Dubs!!!
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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

I made more moves than anyone all season. There's a chance I figured it out.


BFD Dewsh

I've played a lot of fantasy but never heard anyone whine as much as you did, and do now.

Is it your goal to troll everyone here?

'Cuz I can fix that. Really quick... smile.gif
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OH yeah. Meh dubs. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Where you been Steve, Spurs rallying back again. They need to make adjustments though, not sure they can keep doing this (coming back from big deficits) all series long.

Dude...I don't have cable. I called to get it and they wouldn't offer me the same deal they committed to in January on an open ended basis.

So I don't know....
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You can watch em online.

I use this to watch games, fights, ppv, etc... http://www.firstrow1.eu/
Got to close a handful of pop ups and its not HD but it beats spending $70 on a lopsided Mayweather fight.

For playoff games, I think TNT has it online, they have that ,multi screen and w/o any commentators but at least you see the game.
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I also can vouch for 1strowsports
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That would be great! I tried to get video for the Giants in October and could only get audio. I just imagined it was WW2. And NO I wasn't alive then.
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For the 1996 world series TV was on mute, radio was playing. We listened to Michael Kay and John Sterling rather than hear those fools on Fox prattle on.

Sometimes just listening is kind of nice. I have the games on while in the kitchen prepping dinner or doing the dishes.
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More evidence that espn should be renamed Hilarious Overreaction Network

Today's headlines on their mobile site -
Bulls done?
Is Stephen Curry better than Lebron James?

Now I didn't see Monday's headline but it was probably something like "Chicago the Giant Slayer".

Is there another news source that has as much content than espn but won't make me feel like the lowest human denominator (which is clearly what this network caters to)?
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I like CBSSports.com and SI.com, I just like looking at the top headlines to keep updated for the most part.
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Who could forget this amazing headline:

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DUUUUUUUBS. NorCal and I, keepin the faith. This series has started eerily similarly to the one against Denver. Game 1, lose to an old-man buzzer beater. Game 2, come back to win rather convincingly. Let's hope it plays out the exact same way.

Klay was on fire and I continue to be impressed by his defense. When you compare his defense to last year, it's seriously night and day. His jumper isn't always there, and he'll have a few rough nights in a row on the offensive end, but he's been very consistent on defense. I think the Dubs lost game 1 because he fouled out, which remains a problem for him. After he was gone, TP just destroyed everyone in front of him.

I am surprised they managed to pull out a win with a very off-night by Curry. Just goes to show, the team is more balanced than most people give credit for.
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It helps that Mark Jackson is a defensive minded coach and that they are much healthier this year. I mean really, the only thing that can stop the Dubs now is Currys ankle.
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