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Last time I was there I didn't see any pairs of CPs, just a few pairs of Lanvin, Prada, and Cole Haan from what I remember. I do remember seeing a pair of black achilles at Heritage/Ibiki, but that was a while ago. Can always request that ssense ship them to the store and you can try them on there. Reborn usually carries them, but I haven't been in a while and they haven't updated their site either.
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Thanks! Ya Reborn's website blows. I wish more Mtl stores had up to date websites/e-stores.

Am trying to find CPs in Montreal at deeper discounts than at Ssense....

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I haven't been in Holts in a really long time even though I'm in the area a lot. Over the past couple years they seem to have gotten rid of anything even vaguely interesting (even in the womenswear department).
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Originally Posted by Lollie View Post

Thanks! Ya Reborn's website blows. I wish more Mtl stores had up to date websites/e-stores.
Am trying to find CPs in Montreal at deeper discounts than at Ssense....

imo it's impossible. I live in montreal and i've never really seen cp at any other store than SSENSE :-(
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Anyone been to U&I in Old Montreal? What brands do they carry? I witnessed the steady decline of their old St-Laurent location (RIP) up until it closed down. Went from carrying Junya, EG, Yuketen, etc to carrying almost exclusively their own inhouse brand and some Mackage and Canada Goose.

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Last time I went was awhile ago, but they had a tiny corner dedicated to mens clothing, and the rest of the store was entirely devoted to women. They had some Ralph Lauren, 2-3 pieces of EG, and some Mackage coats. If you're in the area, it doesn't hurt to pass by, but traveling for that sole purpose I don't think is worth your time.
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I went once...tiny tiny men section. Not worth it even if you live in Montreal Imo.
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Just wondering if anyone has passed by Reborn for their closing sale and can give any information as to what they have in stock? If not I'll pass by tomorrow and give an update!
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Yes do give an update, I'm not in town til next week..bummed I'm missing this!

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Just throwing it our there to you Montrealers, I fly in from Toronto to get my cloths in Montreal, I still feel their is an edge to you guys cloths that I don't get anywhere else. Montreal take a bow!

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Not much left at Reborn - decent denim selection (Acne, Nudies) left for your girlfriends/wives/mistresses. Picked up a pair of Acne denim for 50$. As for the men's selection, not much left there. A few Assembly brand shirts, and not much else left.
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Going to be there in May. Are there any shopping districts to explore? Or just various boutiques here and there?

Only one I know of that carries the kind of stuff I'm into is Rooney. Any other stores like that?
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Montreal doesn't really have a counterpart to SoHo, however each borough tends to have a few shops that you can visit. If you like Rooney, you might also like Savoie Fils. Haven't been recently but from experience I've seen lots of Norse Projects, Reigning Champ, Steven Alan, and a few local labels. One cool thing about Savoie is that it is half boutique/half coffee shop, and the coffee there is pretty good (next door is also Saint-Viateurs, where you can get some of the city's best bagels - open 24 hours as well).

There's also Clark Street Mercantile, which isn't too far from Savoie. ( Close to this area as well is Les Etoffes that usually carries a few items from Gitman, W&H, United Stock, and a few others you'll probably like.

There's the WANT Apothecary, which carries Acne, Nudies, Filipa K, and they also have their sister store Stockmarkt, which carries the above at a discounted price.

By car, you can get to most places within a 10-15 minute drive, so its very easy to get through multiple stores in one day. Also, the metro system can get you to most stores quite easily as well, as most of them are within a few minutes from a station. If you need any more suggestions, let me know! (that includes dining, places to visit, and going out at night. If you happen to be in town during a Habs game, I encourage you to go out and experience the energy).
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I guess your "Soho" would be Old Montreal with stores like Rooney, Ssense (the website's brick and mortar shop), U&I,etc.


Most of the stores mentionned by Jjvog are in the Mile End, which would more be the equivalent to NYC's LES. Stores like Les Étoffes, Savoie Fils, Clark Street Mercantile and also Michel Brisson (Christophe Lemaire, Jil Sanders...) and Ibiki (APC, Our Legacy).


But you can't get any better than Rooney for the workwear stuff.

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