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Persol makes the 649/714 in larger size than 54. I believe they're still making 56, but you won't find them at Sunglasses Hut, though they can be found at some B&Ms if you go to the right places. When they were Ratti they made 58s as well, those and 56s show up on ebay all the time.
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+1. Although I'm Asian I have a big skull and have to wear size 54 in both 649 and 2857 (eyeglasses), which is big even for Caucasians. My advice for those who are confused about 649 sizing is that you should consult the hat sizing, if you are on the large size then you should definitely go for size 54.

I must have a cone head because I only take a 56 hat size, but need large sunnies.
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Hi my name is Noah and I have a glass fetish.

Here's my latest purchase. Persol 2388

Do they work for you?

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I have a pair of the 2449-S model sunglasses. They look great but they are constantly sliding down my face. I've had them adjusted at 3 different optometrists offices and they still just don't fit my face very well for some reason. I also have a pair of Randolph Engineering aviators that fit like a glove. I still try to wear the Persols because I like the look of them. I just don't wear them when it is particularly hot outside or if I am doing anything remotely active. 

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If you can, try to find a pair of Maui Jim glasses you like. They're awesome.

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Yes, get the classic acetate frames. They hold up like nothing else.
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