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Persol Sunglasses YEAH or NAY

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What is your experience with the durability of Persol. I need to upgrade frames with an expensive progressive lens prescription and I am considering the 2761 model.
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Persols are my go to sunglasses. I cant say anything bad about them at all quality wise.

Mine are a little big...Ive heard they can be adjusted a bit to fit my face better....true??
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I have two pairs that have held up well over two or so years.
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My last pair had a lens pop halfway out when I went from a cool building to a hot outdoors.
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I bought a pair 2 years ago. The only issue with them was when they fell out of my breast pocket onto the sidewalk; the frame got scuffed and there's a hairline crack in the lens that is barely noticeable, certainly not while wearing them.

My go to pair of sunglasses.
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Own 4 pairs in different styles...in quality/style second only to my Freudenhaus and Mykita
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tell me what you really think...
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If under $100.00 then they are hell yeah.

I have had a pair for 4 years and I will not wear anything else.
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Own several pair and they need maintenance once a year or so old, but worthwhile and super stylish.
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Persols are great, I have had a few pairs, but they have loads of better frames then these.
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Love my Persol so far.
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I've had two pairs of Persol folding reading glasses.
Sadly, the first pair, which I preferred, was left at restaurant.
Overall, distinctive but understated look plus high quality.
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Originally Posted by Noah.Dreams View Post
tell me what you really think...

What? They are telling you what they really think. Persol are solid specs. Most anything Luxotica is well done. Just don't sit on them, they won't survive that I've found.

I have two other pairs of RLPL which are Persol/Luxotica IFAIK and they are all good.
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Good as they are though, when I am done with them I will be graduating to a couple of pairs from Robert Marc...a worthy upgrade
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