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Mouting paintings - acrylic

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I just bought some acrylic paintings, and had glass put on the frames with a small spacer between the painting and the glass. I was afraid that the acrylic would be exposed and would somehow deteriorate. The problem is, I feel these are interesting pieces and the glass makes them posterish and debasses them. I almost never see art mounted with glass in front of it. What are your recommendations?
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Unless you are hanging them in direct sunlight (which you shouldn't be doing in any case) or in a very dirty dusty environment, there is no need to use glazing on an acrylic painting. Watercolors are particularly delicate, so glazing may be in order here, but acrylics and laquered oils are quite durable and don't require glazing.
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Kai is right, most acrylics don't need any glass. If you're really worry about it I would take it to a professional framer (not those jobbies in the mall) and see what they say.

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Acrylics dry waterproof essentially. They will be fine without the glass. the only exception might be if they were painted very watery, as a kind of stain on canvas or paper.
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I never use glass on my acrylics. I varnish them all with an acrylic varnish (matt, satin, or gloss) based on the painting. This seals the painting and protects somewhat against fading and gives an extra coat of protection. Acrylic is basically plastic so it is very durable as everyone said.
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