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Non high end fragrance help

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I made the mistake of purchasing Lacoste Essential, which at the time of purchase (going by how the card smelt) was a scent I enjoyed. However, once I applied it to my skin the clean and frest scent dissipated and was replaced by a horrible scent much like that of rotting fruit.

I'm not a fan of any of the heavy or musky colognes such as the Armani scents, rather I want a cologne that has a freshness to it.

Can someone suggest a good cologne with the sporty/fruity scent I am going for. I also like the smell of Chanel Allure Sport although I have not tested it to see if it works well with my chemistry.

I'm not willing to dish out bucks on any of the high end colognes which have been suggested before, so please keep the suggestions moderately priced (below 60 bucks).
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You might try Monsieur Balmain. Has a real, lemony zing to it. Many men have been wearing Diorella, which is the 'women's' version of Dior's Eau Sauvage. I think that scent, might be perfect. I love Signoricci, but it's more of a 'tonic' fragrance, rather than one imbued by fruits.
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check out, a great discount website. You are unlikely to find much of a discount on Chanel Allure Sport, however, as discount Chanels are all but unheard of. Chanel has an unparalleled lock on its distribution, so their products rarely end up in the hands of third party resellers. I recommend against EVER buying a Chanel cologne on ebay, as their simple, blocky, elegant bottles are very easy to fake. The high price Chanel commands (because ther is no reliable discount source) makes them all the more popular with fragrance counterfitters. I have bought Chanel Allure three times off ebay (because Im an idiot) and all three were fakes. Two were VERY good fakes, and even passed the smell test (for 10 mins, before disappearing) but all 3 were fakes. If you want Chanel, you will have to pay up.

I find it interesting that yo refer to Armani as heavy scents because, with the exception of the original Armani Pour Homme, they are considered ratehr light. Armani Mania, Armani Code (formerly known as Black Code) and the ubiquitous Acqua di Gio are all very light, airy scents that are popular on college campuses and among the highschool crowd. Personally, i find Armanis overpriced for what they are.

If you want something light and pleasant, that can be had for cheap. check out YSL Live Jazz, Guerlain L'Instant or Mugler Cologne
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I'll check into those, thanks
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Part of the difficulty in purchasing fragrances is that the wearer's own body interacts with the colognes, altering the real-life scent. I know of no way to accurately and precisely predict how a given frangrance will in fact smell when applied to human skin.
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if you're not into spending a lot on fragrance, check out stores like Perfumania that carry a lot of different scents at a discount. They're a better choice than the internet or low-end department stores like JCPenney or Wal-Mart because you can actually smell a wide variety of fragrances via testers.
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Once you're seriously considering buying a particular fragrance, spray the tester on your arm, and spray a little more than you would normally wear. Give it a few hours to see how it wears on you and then buy it if you still love it. I know that while I love the top and even middle notes of many fragrances, I don't always like the base notes nearly as much. For example, many scents turn out to contain way more vanilla than I care for.
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also, you can ask Sephora for samples, or buy them off ebay for a couple $, or check out, where poepl sell and trade samples or small decants for just a few bucks. Its a good way to get a chance to wear it around for a few days before plunking down $60+ Items for Sale board at Basenotes
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I just tried on D & G original which I like alot. I'm only 21, is this scent too old for me and is it too heavy to wear casually/during the day?
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Gooner . . . if you like it, and you enjoy wearing D&G, then it's not too old for you. As for being too heavy . . . if that's your take . . . do what women do, with makeup. Wear less in the day, and more at night . . .
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=O I love Lacoste Essential!
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You could always try Acqua di Gio, which gets a bad rep because a lot of people like it, but there's probably a reason for that. It's a clean fresh scent. Armani Mania is decent as well. True, the original GA scent is heavy, but these two are not.
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Go to CVS and get some Old Spice for 10 bucks.
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Originally Posted by javyn
Go to CVS and get some Old Spice for 10 bucks.
I am an advocate of the smell of soap. If you're feeling peppery, you can always use Dr. Bronner's.
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Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo
Pussycat gave me a bottle of Live Jazz, and it's by far my favorite yet. She also gave me a bottle of YSL Body Kouros, which strikes me as an excellent scent for younger men. Being a very young 40-something, I use it as my weekend scent.
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