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My Audi/VW 1.8Turbo has oil sludge too. Audi/VW sent all original owners a document stating to use synthetic oil and had approved brands.

Our German cars all suffer from electronic gremlins which is odd because the German's invited electricity.

I agree with others, that Japanese made autos are higher quality than the transplants. My first car was a Honda Civic Si made in Japan and now when I drove a domestic made Civic the quality sub par.

Yeah, VW / Audi now uses only synthetic to avoid sludge. They also fixed the dropping window problem and no more coil pack problems as well (damn suppliers). Actually the new Jetta / GLI / GTI / Rabbit are pretty damn nice cars, plus they come with 1 year wear and tear warranty (which is better than I can say for my Audi!). If I don't get into a great B-School and move up north where I won't need a car, my next car might just be a VW.