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Why avoid at all costs?

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Originally Posted by SartodiNapoli View Post


Please post pics. thank you


the collar gap I mentioned.

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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM Tailor4Less or their new name for female products -




The promised refund for alterations will NEVER arrive. The clothes do not fit despite careful measurements on our end. The Chinese shops do not have quality control for anything.  


DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Tailor4Less or Sumissura!!!  Over 1000 complaints in this form alone should be enough warning. Go to your local tailor and spend a couple of dollars more and get good quality that FITS! 

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Oh, let me chime in! Tailor4 Less is the worst! I found their company online after reading an article about the new industry of online custom tailoring. I was skeptical, because one expects not only a high level of craftsmanship in a custom suit, but also a high level of customer service in a tailor. These articles said they offered both. I am getting married in May, and my fiance decided to order the men's suits from their company. After paying for 2 suits to be made for himself and his best man, he was told that they "ran out of fabric" for the third suit for his groomsman. With only weeks to go before the wedding, their representatives have not budged to help accommodate him in choosing a new fabric for all 3 suits. Instead, my fiance and his best man have to pay for the 2 suits, and then have a 3rd made in another fabric. For anyone who knows the art of wedding clothing, this is UNACCEPTABLE. I am astonished at their poor customer service, and I will rail about it all over the internet, since it seems, we have no other option at this point. It is a new industry to be sure, and they are leading the way in setting the lowest standards possible. Thank you, Tailor4Less, for destroying the time-worn craft of tailoring. We might as well buy our suits at Walmart.

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I actually ordered a few things from them. Now for the price I know it's not going to be high end. And there's been nothing but complaints on here. But the linen jacket I ordered came out fine and the dress pants came out just as good. Now I'm waiting on another pair of pants. They seemed accomadating, when I asked for side adjusters and suspender buttons. But like I said I knew what I was getting myself into for the price.
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Totally agree this company is a shoddy scam they sent me a coat of substandard product the pockets was so high they cut across the waistband and they  refuse to refund any money AVOID

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People has to realice all this online joints made in the fourth world would never deliver even a mediocre product.
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Hi all


Don't expect this to be popular on here but thought I'd post for a bit of balance for anyone else reading this thread.  I've just received my first suit from tailor4less and i'm really happy with it.  It did require a minor mod - cost me £2 ($3) to have the buttons moved on the jacket.  I can't wear off the peg as the pants are always too small for the jacket i need so i'm always stuck at the low end of the polyester mix and match end of the market  So tailor4less or one of the other 2 I found on ebay were my only viable alternatives. I chose tailor4less purely on the trustpilot rating.


 I got a two piece in dark blue wool with a few options for £160 ($250ish) and from papal button to front door button was a few hours under 8 days.  The suit looked like a rag on opening the oversized pizza box - it was very severely creased and the jacket was 1" too big around the waist but it felt good on (just looked awful).  I purchased a hand steamer off ebay £13 ($20) and steamed the creases out and had the buttons moved and it looks really good on now - far better than the polyester suits I currently wear.


I looked at the pictures someone else had loaded (the stitching is all over the place) and have checked all the seams on my suit and they are all good to my eyes including the belt rings. I just can't fault the suit for the money and will be buying another with some minor amendments to the sizes in the next few months.


The only thing that I really have to question is the tailor4less website gives the impression they are made and quality controlled  before shipping in China - but reading the UPS paperwork mine was despatched from Vietnam (nothing against Vietnam  - I always expected it to be made in a low labour cost country) so it remains to be seen if the next suit comes from the same address I guess. 


To sum up I'm really happy with the suit and will be buying another - if it turns into a horror story i'll post it here.  


Be realistic - that £160 suit is only going to be a £90 ($150) off the peg suit at best when you take off the Swiss end commission and the UPS and Paypal costs.  


Hope this helps anyone else make up their mind

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In reality everything is at the end of the name of the brand : Less.

it's been months since I wanted to try this adventure of custom Suit. So I selected the site that seemed the most serious, with the best explanation on how to do take the different measures needed to create you product.

So I took my measurements; in fact we were two for that

Two-three clicks away, here is my order confirmed. The delivery went well.

I unpacked my product.

I put on the jacket. Immediately I understand there is a concern. The jacket is too big at all levels of its design. Shoulders, length, bending ... fabric quality is not amazing either. Quite far from thinking that let the photo.

Pants ? ( yes with a S because I had taken two) two tubes attached to a pant, all too wide for me. An absolute horror.

I brought this suit to a professional tailor P. After having laugh (ok that's not true, he did not laugh, but I could read his mind) he tried to do what he could. But could not do miracles.

So it’s € 250 literally lost.

I hope you have the chance or the presence of mind to find this advice and avoid like me a beautiful error. Especially, if you want to try your luck with tailor-made do not buy this brand. Everything is in marketing nothing in the final product.

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Sumissura (Same company for ladies) is so bad.

Bad quality, made in China, great marketing, best start up in Switzerland awards, etc.

It is just a big fake. 

Never buy from them, 

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I'm so glad I came accross this thread. Was going to order a green overcoat (DB) for upcoming winter but after reading all the feedback I'll give it a miss! 

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check out this website:, This is a guy they made a free suit for so he would recommend them! We would not

Well, no one will be surprised when I say what everyone else has already said. I so wish I had read this before ordering my tux with them. I would post pics but they are too embarrassing. The Jacket looked like a waiters coat, the neck of the shirt would not button, the pants were too big and the vest was too small. They were very difficult to communicate with and because of all this the 2 events I was going to wear the tux to will not happen. They agreed to remake the jacket and shirt if I paid shipping, so I did. I did not have a choice. I did ask for a credit so I could order something of use, and they would not do that. When the remade suit arrives, we’ll see. They asked for pics and seamstress measurements over and over even after i had sent them. Only upside is that if it is right then I’ll have a tux on standby. Terrible at comTailor is much better at shirts, I have also used Original Stitch for shirts and once I got the measurement right they were good, but they were easy to work with for a remake and they had a US rep who spoke english well. Stay away from tailor4less. I will post this on their website as well after my suit arrives, but I doubt they will keep it on there.

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This thread seems to be almost entirely made up by one idiot who has many aliases and has fallen out with them or worse is a competitor. We can well do without such nonsense and merely proves your stupidity in posting thus in thinking that anyone believes these rants. Does anyone really think this is other than a pack of lies?

You even do bulk registrations - just look at the dates, you're not even good at lying.
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well, i don't know who you are, but the reason i'm not a good liar is because i don't lie and i have proof of what happened, i just wish i had read all the bad reviews before using them. by all means though, use them. seems like you're the one on a rant. i just don't want others to have the same experience i did.

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