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Tailor4Less ( avoid at all costs )

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People need to be warned about this company, they offer a bespoke service, i ordered a suit from them one mesaurment came back wrong on the trousers. but the jacket was terribly finished, the inside lining on the pocket flaps could be seen from the outside as could the vent at the back, i sent them pictures and there reply was that they could give me £30 towards alterations and as is there policy no more, i took it to a tailor and he quoted £70. Meanwhile Paypal had offered a full refund because is was so shoddy, i informed Tailor4Less of paypals offer and asked them if they were prepared to increase there offer of £30 to £70 to put the suit right, they declined, so be warned, once they have your money they will not want to know.
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Similar problem with them. Ordered 3 shirts, all 3 way too small - cannot wear them. They refuse to admit their mistake and try to charge me 3.6 times more postage than originally to re-ship shirts. Now £106 out of pocket. AVOID!
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As a matter of principal I avoid all companies who replace words with numbers in their names. Tailor4Less, Lawyers4U, Phones4You
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Originally Posted by Blackhood View Post
As a matter of principal I avoid all companies who replace words with numbers in their names.

Tailor4Less, Lawyers4U, Phones4You

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Anybody else heard about their service? The name does sound dubious.

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I almost ordered a suit there, but now I'm glad I didn't. This was when I didn't know anything about tailoring, fit, suit construction, etc. All their stuff looks cheap and fused (you certainly can't expect canvassed jackets for the price, but they look really, really cheap). Could work for shirts but I won't be the one checking... 

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I just wanted to second this view. They are ATROCIOUS. DO NOT BUY. This site is basically fraud. They provide a staunch 'no refund' policy - even when what they send bears no resemblance to what you ordered. The quality of their materials are a joke - and the items bear no resemblance to what is shown or described on their site. 


Oh - and if you are wondering why they have positive reviews around the web - so am I. It seems they may well be paying for spam/fake reviews at sites like - but I can't be sure. 



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I ordered an overcoat with a custom oversized collar, I provided reference photos as well as the measurements. Coat showed up later than promised and the collar was TERRIBLE!!! it was sewn on in separate pieces. I paid extra to have the pockets lined with the matching liner material, that was forgotten. It was the thinnest coat I have ever seen definitely zero fill not suitable for winter especially a Canadian winter. As for the fit it was not even close maybe if I gained 100 lbs. My tailor couldn't fix the collar and it was going to cost more to alter the coat than I paid I emailed them immediately asked for help on how to have them remake it they claim there's nothing they can do they dragged the process out as long as possible and then began claiming that now its been to long there's nothing we can do now. I have asked them to remake refund or give me a store credit and they just keep apologizing and saying that they can't "won't" help me. Stay away they are the worst online retailer I have dealt with.
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WOW, every negative comment has 1 post only on this forum and has little to no backup to the claims. The negatives are also extreme, as opposed to mixed from this group of new posters. This looks like a reverse shill.

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Originally Posted by Isolation View Post

WOW, every negative comment has 1 post only on this forum and has little to no backup to the claims. The negatives are also extreme, as opposed to mixed from this group of new posters. This looks like a reverse shill.

Seems as dubious as T4L are.
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I concurr with the "avoid" people here. 

Having ordered a shirt that came out fine, I was then attracted by the cheap prices for a linen suit, so I ordered one. That was a very stupid move on my part. The suit came with the following defects: 

 - pants too large

 - jacket sleeves too long

 - jacket too large in the waist

 - unbelievable collar gap. Basically I cannot find any position, even the most ridiculous ones, when the collar doesn't gap like 3 centimeters

So, I opened a ticket with them as instructed. I wanted to return the jacket, as I didn't believe that the collar gap was fixable. They kept repeating like robots that they offer 35EUR in refund if I send them an invoice from a tailor, basically ignoring what I was telling them. So, I went to an alterations tailor, and I had them adjust the sleeves and the waist of the jacket. Now I realized also that the buttoning point on the jacket is ridiculously high. It is almost as high as my sternum. The jacket looks absolutely ridiculous, it is impossible to wear. The collar gap is of course still there. 


So I went to their website to follow up with them, but now my ticket is closed. I sent them an e-mail two days ago, but not reply. 


I'll have to look into paypal conflict resolution methods now. 


Stay away from these guys, they are bad tailors with zero customer service.

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It seems we have another scammers onboard.
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here's an update on my suit. these guys kept ignoring me until I opened a paypal complaint. as soon as I did that they immediately contacted me via paypal's system to inform me that they are ready to redo my jacket, but I had to measure the jacket AND another jacket that fits me well. I am not sure why they wanted me to measure the jacket they sent, since they made it one would expect them to know what it measures. but I didn't have time to do that because I was travelling. then the paypal deadline for escalating passed and then I haven't heard from them, and I didn't send the measurments because at this stage I don't believe it is worth wasting anymore time with these people. in all honesty I have given up, having learned an expensive lesson, but I will never order even a pair of shoe laces from these people.


I hope others will have better luck...

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The company is in China and their product is not to a European or US standard.


The Domain is registered to a fake address that does not exist,

They have a fake customer sales telephone number

The payment via paypal makes it looks like a legitimate german company (gmbh) which it is not.

Online reviews are faked.

They use european names in email


The suit I received is too small and all they offer is a refund for alterations as they operate a no refunds policy.


I ordered an Italian Wool Suit and I got a rag from China .


Under our laws they have to refund.


I am at a loss as to how Paypal can verfiy these kinds of business.


Again for the record DO NOT BUY FROM TAYLOR4LESS.COM

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what I can advise you is to open a claim with paypal. pay attention, a claim is different than a conflict. you first open a conflict, then paypal gives you 15 days, I think, to turn it into a claim. During this time the vendor is supposed to solve the issue, but these guys will not solve it, so I would say open a claim immediately once you have the chance. Once you open a claim you have much better chances of getting your money back. I did the mistake of not opening a claim and the time expired, then you are left alone and there's nothing really that you can do other than swallow the bitter pill...

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