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Sorry to hear that you had bad experience.

Where is Atelier Tailleur Mark located? is this the same place as HPadar? I have been going to Alterations Paul and although not the cheapest but quality wise is excellent and he takes you through the process of what needs to be done and how he will do it before, so that there are no surprises later on.

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I tried Atelier Tailleur Mark and wasted 1000$. They ruined a Hugo suit that fit me fine, with unnecessary alterations that made it unwearable. The owner tried to adjust it several times - it just made me waste more time. Communication was awful, but more importantly the skill and knowledge of what should be done or avoided just isn't there.


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hey guys, sorry to "bump" this thread but I'm also looking for a tailor, for some major alterations of expensive suits I have (removing padding from shoulders and shortening them especially, removing pants pleats, etc.). Alterations Paul seems the way to go as everybody was happy with him... Just wanted to know if the game changed in recents years. Happy to discuss it via PM and in French if anyone has good recommendations!




PS : i should add, I'm from Quebec City there's virtually no one here that could do this kind of work, unless I'm mistaken... I'm often in Montreal for business though

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Besides the Iterations Paul and Atelier Mark which are on the high-end side, where can I find someone that can do some slight alterations for my entry-level suit? I am not gonna spend like 200 for a Tommy Hilfiger that cost 500.


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Looking for an alterations place in Montreal that can handle work on a Lardini blazer (arm shortening).

Most places here offer "custom suiting" and get lippy if you ask them to work on something else.
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Hi FlorianQC... I also bump myself on your post several months after for the sole reason you said you were from Québec City.


It happens i'm also from there and on the market to buy a decent suit with great quality at or around 1 000 $. Do you have any store recommandations from your experience? Is it better to buy only online? Also, can you recoomend a tailor?


I'm just wondering if there isn't hidden gems somewhere behind all those Simons suits... Thank you!

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