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My Tom Ford suit - fit pics inside

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Just took some fit pics of one of my Tom Ford suits that is straight off the rack and unaltered. I'm torn between selling it and keeping it for myself. Would love to hear what others think of the fit. Here's one of my TF suits that has been altered and worn a handful of times so far. I threw these pics together quickly since I'm feeling extremely lazy -- hence the gym shorts in first shot and the bad lighting. Comments are welcome.
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clearly it looks great on you.
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The actual styling is not to my taste, but the fit looks to be pretty good.

I would like to see some full length shots so that the length of the jacket, button stance and pants fit could be evaluated.
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I need to get a closer look at one of these.
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Great fit for an off the peg, just take the sleeves up and you will have a fantastic outfit there.
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Sleeves are too short. Also, are you starring in a 1920s movie about the chicago mob? if not, sell the suit.
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Perhaps a little long, otherwise looks good (if you're into the styling, which is what it is)
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The sleeves and the jacket length are a little long, other than that the overall fit looks rather good for OTR.
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I think the whole get-up looks awesome. While most of my current situations call for a more conservative suit, that's the sort of thing I'd choose to wear if I could. Fit is fantastic, sleeves just need to be shortened a bit. I might also lose a bit of the waist supression on the jacket, reason being is it makes your rear appear to stick out a little more than I'd personally go for.
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Jacket looks a little long in the torso.
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Wow, I can kind of see why his suits cost so much. If they fit like that OTR, it's somewhat worth it.

But this suit is a tad too long for you, it will make your legs appear shorter. For this price, I think you can do better... But then again, maybe I'm wrong, it's hard to tell without full length pics.
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Be a pimp. Keep it.
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Great fit for right off the peg, but that pattern is very loud and garish. Might work on an odd jacket, but it's a bit too much for a suit. If that's your style, that's your style, and get on down with your bad self. Personally speaking, though, I'd have a hard time not feeling self-conscious in that suit in almost all settings imaginable.
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the cut is fantastic. Body and sleeves (obviously) are a little long. I don't care for the fabric or pattern personally.
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I think the shoulder looks too strong on your build.
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