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I was going to ask the OP if he is unusually stressed in this class, b/c I have noticed that I will definitely sweat more if I am in a tense situation... even if I am not noticeably nervous.
That might be a factor. I've taken all of my classes online so far, and this is one of the first classes I've taken in the classroom in about two years. Plus math isn't my best subject. So I am stressed some of the time (usually on the way there; once I get in there and know what's going on I relax). I know this is irrational, but oh well.
This really only happens at work though, which leads me to believe it is related to stress. Not nervousness, per se, but the "in the zone" feeling that I get at work sometimes. Hard to explain.
I think I know what you mean.
When we left, my hair was wet in the front. Everyone was commenting on the heat though, we thought it might have been some kind of test.
Hahaha, that's great. Here is something I recently tried that seems to help a little. When I know I'm going to get stressed out or something later in the day and I need to get a shower before I leave the house, I get out of the shower and put on a pair of temporary pants before I have to leave the house. Then I just switch right before I leave. It doesn't prevent me from sweating later, but it at least keeps my pants dry from the initial after-shower sweating. Reminds me of the Maestro's tip on Seinfeld.
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Oh yea and your clothes are most likely cotton or a blend with it. Cotton keeps water when it gets wet and stays swampy. This is why active wear for sports is almost never cotton.
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Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard View Post
I think it's a metabolic thing. The engine is burning pretty hot, so the internal body temp stays hot.

I'm 50/50 with you guys on this. I'm slim, but like hot showers. However, I need the room to be cool or I sweat, but because of my lack of body fat, I get cold very easily after a certain point.

Also, this threak needs a DT parody.
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Happens to me all the time and I feel like I'm the only one. The trick that I figured our is to tuck in an undershirt right into the undies to cover the butt, also slide of the chair instead of standing up, so that way you'll wipe off most of the sweat. People usually say that "fat people sweat like pigs" but I'm the skinniest guy next to anyone and I sweat at the slightest temperature changes.
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Originally Posted by nystyle86 View Post
People usually say that "fat people sweat like pigs" but I'm the skinniest guy next to anyone and I sweat at the slightest temperature changes.

Pigs don't have sweat glands, which is why they lay in mud or water to cool off.
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I sweat like a whore in church...its sucks...I deal with it. Maybe try showering at night, but then if you sweat like me, you'll stink from sleeping in sweat. My wife says the same thing...like sleeping next to a furnace...oh well.
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I have the exact same problem, and I have a good solution. Now you have to trust me, it sounds kind of weird. but take a full papertowel, and fold it half, than half, then opposite half, than half again. and put it comfortably in your crack. this prevents the anus from sweating, which controls the whole butt from sweating. I do this EVERYDAY before school and i'm not completely sure why, but man it works. do this as fast as you can, and youll be so happy you didn't have to spend anymore or nothing. It's so freaking weird, but it works.


P.s. Your welcome!!!

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I understand your embarrassment and discomfort, I also suffer from a sweaty arse after sitting for prolonged periods on chairs particularly vinyl. I am assuming this is because the vinyl does not breath at all, leather is usually better however not so good in hot weather.


I have noticed recently that I am wetter around the anus and of course this makes me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed lest I should not be fresh. I try to maintain a healthy diet but also wonder if it is an age related issue, I turned 60 in January.

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I have the same exact problem. there's more to tell though but i don't have time right now. I'll explain later! :)

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This thread has taken a turn for the worse
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friend of mine has this problem when he sleeps. he takes some toilet paper and puts it into the crack of his ass. he calls it a 'manpon'
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I have the same problem, I just have been sliding out of my seat. I been hearing that Anti Monkey Butt helps a lot. Im going to try it and it would be nice to only where boxers and basketball shorts and that not happening. :/

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Why would you bump this dumb fucking thread?
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great,I actually think the sitting down for long amounts of time makes the sweating worse than if I were moving around. Maybe I'll give gold bond a try. Compression shorts/wicking underwear sounds overboard.thanks for your sharing


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I have this problem as well ... I get embarrassed so when I get up , I get up quickly or wait till everyone gets out of class , I don't want no one too see that and have them tell me something or think I don't take showers 🙄 So using powder works ?
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