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What to wear with a red blazer?

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Hi guys, I'm a new member here, but have been reading SF for about 3 months. I'm curious of your opinions on what to wear (e.g. color of slacks, tie, and shirt) with a red cashmere blazer. It's a bit of a dark red, but not too dark. I took a picture, but it did not come out well.

Specifically, I want to wear it to a nice dinner or concert. Anyway, I'm afraid if I go with a white shirt & black tie it will look like I'm an usher or maybe in a private school. A black shirt makes it look like I'm in the mafia. I tried a grey shirt, but it didn't look very good. I need some ideas...

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Charcoal grey trousers, white shirt, and deep primary colors tie. Say blue predominantly with some red and other colors.

I have a blood red bamboo Isaia that I wear with one of several sport/dress shirts. All the shirts have white, blue as the predominant colors with a touch of red.

It also works with a charcoal grey silk turtleneck.

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Red is a powerful color, so you'd do best to make the jacket the focal point of your outfit.

As previously suggested, wear monotone colors for the rest of the outfit - charcoal slacks, black (maybe even dark brown) shoes, a white shirt, and a dark muted tie.
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white or light blue shirt. Light blue stripes is fine as well.
Trousers could be charcoal, navy or black. As for ties, you can't go wrong with a navy blue tie.

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Hard to say, red, yellow, green etc blazers all sort of smack of the uniform of a real estate agent.
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I'll take a stab. I think given that the jacket is a dark red, charcoal may be a tad too dark. I'd go with light gray slacks and a light blue shirt. I personally wouldn't wear a tie, but if I had to, I'd go for something in navy.
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I would try a white dress shirt with an open collar and slacks with dark tan or copper in them.
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Try trousers in a contrasting colour like green. Maybe the shirt should be more discrete like ligth blue and a tie in ligth red/violet, may a pastel colour.

Definitely brown shoes
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The red&green combination - doesn't it sound like some kind of strange uniform? For fox-hunting or something like that?
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I think you should reconsider wearing a bright red blazer to a nice dinner. And concert can mean widely differning situations. Sure, wear it to the Kiss concert. I wouldn't wear it to something given by the orchestra.

Wear it to the football tailgating party.
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Ecru shirt?
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I have a russet jacket that I tend to combine with charcoal greys, browns, creams/beige, golds and other autumnal colours. However, there's a difference between russet and bright red!
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As far as ties, I'd go for a navy or black grenadine, or perhaps even a knit (depends on the specifics of the jacket.)
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I have a very nice 100% linen summer sportcoat in a light red color and I have only wore it once with light jeans and a creme colored polo shirt. I never think anything looks good with it so a great jacket never gets worn.....
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Wear a light color shirt but better yet try a light color fine knit sweater.
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