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Casual trousers that aren't jeans...

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Well, I don't really need them, but I'd like some. The criteria - 28-29 waist, ideally a 30 length, flat-front, slim-fitting in the seat and thigh, a fairly wide, boot-cut or flared leg opening, and I'd prefer not to spend a mint on each pair. I'm looking for pairs in black, charcoal, camel, chestnut brown, cream, olive green and white. Corduroy, cotton twill, flannel, worsted wool, and techy fabrics are all good, and I'd wear solids, stripes, checks, herringbones, houndstooth or whatever. Can anyone think of any sources - hopefully online or mail-order - where I can find what I'm looking for? I've already trawled Yoox, Bluefly, BR and Lands' End - more obscure sites would be welcome. Otherwise, I'm looking at a very slow process of finding the fabrics and getting them MTM. Thanks a bunch...
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There should be quite a few sources out there. Brands to look at are: Incotex Mabitex Valentini for a more casual/fashion forward style (other than the obvious Gucci/Prada): Pal Zileri Reporter Kenzo
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Forgot to add: Stone Island and C.P Company
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Thanks, T4phage. I've seen Reporter trousers in a size 28 on a few websites - could you comment on the quality? Anyone else?
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Reporter pants aren't too bad, I have two pairs and have held up well over time. Slim fitting, flat fronted and decently priced.
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Bumped for more replies. Anyone else?
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Hmm... John Varvatos, Theory, and Gucci's 03/04 FW collection. A more afforadable alternative might be Express. Banana Republic used to make them but no more (why in the world? That was the only reason I would go to their stores.). My experience tells me that when most of online retailers say 'straight-leg' it actually means tapered-leg, while what they say 'boot cut' is actually staright-leg (Bluefly is one of them). Actually I have the same concern for myself and I'm.. I'm rather pathologically anal about the length of leg oepning of trousers I buy. I don't have temerity to go into store with a tape measure, so I carry in my wallet a folded piece of paper on which two lengths are marked: 9.5" and 10", the former being the absolute minimum and the latter the ideal length. OK I said too much about myself but 1/4" does absolutely make a world of differences for me...
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No, I'm exactly the same way. After getting out of car, or climbing a steep flight of steps, it's a minor - but continuous - annoyance to have to grab a narrow trouser leg at the knee and flick it until it's no longer balled up, concertina-like, at the top of my shoe. I like my clothes to be maintenance-free throughout the day...
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Are you familiar with Bill's Khakis? I'm not sure if they are made with a plain front. I have these khakis in Britsh Tan and mushroom. I highly recommend them. I think that there is a Bill's Khakis website.
post #10 of 13 They do make a wonderful plain-front pant. Good suggestion.
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I agree that Bill's Khakis makes great pants, I have a pair of their flat front M2s. However, NickM is looking for a slim fit, which Bill's are certainly not.
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Let me be obvious rather than obscure and suggest establishing a favorite search on eBay...lots of chaff to sort through, but eventually something worthwhile will turn up.  If you develop an exclusive list of brand names, add "(Name1,Name2,...,NameN)" to the "basic search" field and check the "combine with Basic Search" box.
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If you really want fitted trousers with a bootcut or flared opening, you should try J. Lindeberg or Energie. They both make casual trousers with very flattering fits, perfect for clubbing etc. The fabrics are not high quality at all, but if fit is your main criterion these brands may be the way to go. I'm curious, are slightly flared pants seen as too ridiculous and seventies by others on the forum, or are they acceptable when made in something other than dacron? I really like the sweep and drape of full-legged or flared pants in wool. I think they are dramatic and slimming. But sometimes I also feel quite juvenile or like a large hoofed Central Asian show horse or a wooly mammoth when I wear them. Perhaps the answer is too avoid the megalomaniacal temptation to have too much flare.
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