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Leather jacket for the fall? Poast pics of recent purchases or what you're coveting. - Page 12

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Originally Posted by Chips View Post
I just came back from the leather shop that was doing the dye job on my jacket and was none too pleased. The owner of the shop who does the work was putting the job off, and at the last minute just masked off the lining with masking tape and spray painted it with an aerosol can of leather paint.

It looked like a plastic bag. It felt like a plastic bag. When I walked in, he was busy peeling off the masking tape off the lining and it was clear that all he had done was spray paint the damn thing. The horn buttons were painted over as well.

I had only paid a $100 deposit on the job, for a total price of $250, which I had no intentions of paying full price after seeing what he did to it. When I brought the jacket in, he told me he was going to rub in a liquid dye that will penetrate and not alter the soft texture of the jacket much and that he'd only blend in a bit of a "different" color, to achieve the look I was after.

I left the jacket at the shop. I told him what I thought of the job, and that the spray painting over the buttons was inexcusable. He told me he'd remove the color off the buttons and I could pick up the jacket on my way into work tonight.

Anyways, right after I got home, he calls up and tells me he'd rather do whats right in order to make me happy as a customer, since he could see I wasn't satisfied. He's going to strip off all the sprayed on crap, and use only a liquid rubbed in dye.

I really should have emailed Ron Rider.

Sorry for the long rant.....


I'm inclined to believe that you're better off cutting your losses, take it back, and give it to Ron Rider to fix.

He's already shown he doesn't do high quality work, it's just going to be a band aid over a band aid.
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You know, I'm very inclined to agree. I thought the same thing. Here's my dilemma: It's no long financially reasonable to put any more money into this jacket. At first, since I realized I'd never wear it in the color it was in, I was ok with coughing up $250 for it to be a darker color, since I was so pleased with the rest of the quality of the jacket. He just called me back again asking me to drop by tonight anyway, to see the area he stripped off. He said he was going to prepare several swatches of similar leather and do it without using anything that comes out of a spray can. Honestly, I think part of it was that he was just rushing the job. I did a good deal of research to find this guy, based on high reviews on the quality of his work. I told him I'd need the jacket in just over 3 weeks, which seemed to be enough at first, but he kept getting behind on other jobs. He owned up and said that even having the stuff he put on removed wouldn't return the very soft texture of the leather, but it would be much improved over the plastic coated look it has now. I've dropped another 20 pounds in the last month and it will need to be altered before I wear it anyway ( I had originally planned on having it with me for a trip to Vegas this weekend, hence the deadline) but now there's no hurry and I just want the job done right. I don't care if it comes out with a blended tonal color. But one solid, dark plastic brown color makes it look like a $60 H&M pleather piece of shit. I'll update this thread when I finally get it done right. It still might end up in Rider's hands, if he'd be willing to conduct emergency corrective surgery.
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Longhi leather/suede jackets are on sale at Yoox for as little as $ awesome deal.
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Originally Posted by gnatty8 View Post
Ash from Pokemon after a 7 day crystal meth binge, daydreaming about nailing the chick with the f*cked up hat and dreads..

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I did some window shopping today in Zurich, searching some Belstaff and Nigel Cabourn outerwear.
I fell in love with a Belstaff Brad jacket in antique cuero. However, I did not want to pay the full price. I have 2 waxed Belstaff (navy Roadmaster and red 50s vintage) size Medium and they fit pretty snug.

I ordered online a few minutes ago this Panther in antique green, size L. Paid about 550 USD.
Does the Panther fit like the Brad jacket? Or the Roadmaster?

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Originally Posted by medtech_expat View Post
Belstaff has come up a fair bit, here are mine acquired during the past 2-3 years.

New Panther, Antique Black

Gangster Blouson, Antique Black

New Cougar Blouson, Antique Cuero

Roadmaster, waxed cotton

Roadmaster, waxed cotton

I wasn't planning on any leather this season, but am in Italy next week and have been lusting after this quilted jacket by Mandelli.

Those Mandelli quilted jackets are amazing. I was at DeCorato in NYC last month and they had the same jacket but in a longer version...more of a car coat style...I like the patch pocket blazer version much better. Eddie...please bring back one for me too
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Originally Posted by jhcam8 View Post
JCrew Turner Jacket -- Anyone see this live?

I have one of these, here are some pics:

It's a very, very heavy leather, and at $1,200 bucks, unless you're sure you like the styling and quality, you'd probably be better off doing some looking. No regrets on mine though, I wear it a good bit in cooler weather, and it's the perfect motorcycle jacket.
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Did you ever post some fit pics of this? Loving the Goodwear A-1. What are your thoughts on horsehide versus capeskin for the A-1?

Originally Posted by AlanC View Post
Goodwear A-1 in Horween Vermont Espresso HH, waiting for it to cool down so I can wear it:

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What about this one?

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This is the kind of leather jacket I like. Simple, classic, doesn't look too busy.

Originally Posted by iroh View Post
What about this one?

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Originally Posted by iroh View Post
What about this one?

Armholes on the jacket are really quite big
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I noticed this thread got bumped up again. I went by the leather guy who's working on my jacket I posted about above, and am actually quite happy with how it's turning out. He removed all the original crap he sprayed on it, and then has been hand antiquing it with darker dyes. It has a nice Berlluti (sp?) look to it now. The one benefit of this backwards process is when he stripped off the color he first applied, some of the reddish orange color was pulled out as well.

He's saying it should be ready by Thursday evening. I'll snap some pics when its done. Although, I'll have to have it taken in, it's baggy as hell.
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I'm very pleased with how it looks now, except that it needs to be taken in some. The antiquing it has is beautiful.

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