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Hello there,

Sorry if I've posted this thread in the wrong forum but I wanted to ask one thing.

I am looking for these shoes or any alternatives to them, I don't know what the name of the shoe is, is it jodphur?
Anyway, was wondering if someone knows any other page that sell shoes that look like these?

Thank you for your time,
and again, I apologise if I posted in the wrong forum.
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Yes, this is commonly referred to as a Jodphur. There is no strict rule though, some people call elastic-sided boots (what I'd call a Chelsea boot) Jodphurs and I believe there are sources to back that nomenclature up.
Anyway, Jodphur is widely used.
Many traditional English makers make this kind of shoe, have a look at for example.
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Yes this is the right place for your question. I forget what that style of boot is called, in the UK Jodphurs generally used to refer to any ankle boot worn for riding, but in "shoe terminology" that might be the right name. Either way a lot of the English shoe makes make a boot in that style, if you click through a few pages of pediwear's boots you will see some alternatives:

For what it is worth whilst I haven't tried on those boots I do own another pair of herring shoes and I was very pleased with them for the price, and their customer service is excellent.
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Thank you both for super-fast responses and very educational.
Now what I'm looking for is the a look-alike of the Herring shoe, but it HAS to have the clasp and that "band" on it.

Yes I assumed it would be jodphur but when I search for jodphurs I only seem to find the ugliest ones out there!

Thank you
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