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Riri zippers on Prada & Marshall Field's clearance

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Stopped by downtown Mpls & visited Marshall Field's. Soon to be Macy's (September). They're getting rid of all remaining Prada stock - mostly 80% off. Most of the Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, Paul Smith, DSquared, Theory, etc. is also 80% off...the only time I would normally buy any of these marques.

Picked up a Prada suede jacket - originally $2260, lists $451.97, paid $305.08 (wife's employee discount). Surprised to discover all zippers are riri - 'riri' stamped on the inside, 'Prada' & 'Milano' stamped on the outside. 4 shiny riri zippers in total.

Pinstriped (yellow & pink) grey Prada suit - originally $1690, lists 337.97, paid $253.48.

Washed lavender D & G sport jacket - originally $675, lists $134.97, paid $101.23. Very fitted & militaryesque.

Navy blue Dolce & Gabbana cardigan - originally $395, lists $78.97, paid $59.23. Again, very fitted & militaryesque (resembles japanese high school uniform).

I'm probably most happy with the riri-equipped Prada jacket. The red line rings the inside collar and is not visible when worn. So, on all pieces, no distinguishing branding.

Again, Marshall Field's is transmogrifying to Macy's. Subsequently, many high-end marques are discontinuing their relationships with the lower-end Macy's. These marques include Prada, (I suspect) Dolce & Gabbana/D&G, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani (white & black label), etc.

A lot of stuff left (including different sizes of what I purchased), but it will go quickly. The only Marshall Field's that carries these marques in the Twin Cities is the downtown Mpls location. In Chicago/Detroit, it'll probably be many more.

I went in today with the intent to pick up socks.
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pics please!
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hmmm. maybe i'll have to check this out.
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Pics perhaps later today or tomorrow at the latest?

BTW...there were quite of few styles of Dolce & Gabbana leather jackets slashed by 80% (originally ~$2200). Some were typical gaudy Dolce & Gabbana, but some were also very clean and even austere.

A lot of Prada dress shirts and sweaters. I didn't even check what was available in Armani...haven't purchased anything by GA in almost ten years.
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wow, great deals. looking forward to pics as well.
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