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need help wid fat loss!!

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Guys m a 23 yr old, 5'8" 83kgs.. waist 38" shirt size 42

I have been a slob for the last 8yrs or so, always on the computer and wid almost no social life because I liked life like that... The result is m fat as hell with a belly and thighs that embarrass me to no end and i have skinny arms..ur average unimpressive lard butt...

I think its time for a makeover and i need your help guys

The saving grace is that I am a vegetarian(ovo lacto vegetarian actually), i like salads , i can control my fried stuff and sweet cravings quite well, i drink a lot of water(almost 2-3 L) and I absolutely don't smoke and drink.
So the only problem is exercise and a diet change.

i just began walking for 2hrs everyday just to warm things up.I now want to do some serious gymming as i want to look presentable by this year end at least.These are my goals for the next 3months:-

- lose at least 6" of waist and start wearing 32" jeans
- reduce my butt as much as possible.
- lose fat on the thighs, especially because of the skin chaff i have to endure while walking, and get some visible muscle over there..
- six pack abs
- build a lot of muscle on my arms(biceps,triceps,wider wrists), chest and shoulders.
- to have wider shoulders
- to have a much improved posture owing to the constant sitting in front of my computer for more than 8 hrs a day and to look taller
- lose chin fat as much as possible and make my face leaner.
- be less prone to sweating...i live in a dry city and i still sweat heavily
- have a smoother skin tone

I sleep about 9hrs a day but i want to cut it down to 7hrs a day to have a more productive day.

I have stopped buying clothes till Christmas in the hope that i may need new ones by then

I located a good trainer but he is really expensive and i am considering working out myself after researching stuff online..Is that a good idea?

Most of my friends stay far away so i have reconciled myself to training alone or making new friends at the gym to motivate me to push myself..

I have 3hrs kept aside in my schedule for this..2hrs in the morning and 1hr in the evening after 2000 hrs.

Since i want to lose fat and build muscle i dont care about my weight as long as i am not over 80 kgs. So how do i even my cardio and weight training stuff... Do they complement each other or i'll have to first lose fat and then gain muscle.

Could u guys help a slob conquer his slobbishness by suggesting a diet plan, workout plan and share your own experiences
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Absolutely no carbs, lots of lean proteins and fibers, and cardio. Start with this.
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Realize this. This is a life style change. It's not about a week or two, or even a few months. You have to be dedicated to change your life style.
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Join a gym and pay the extra cash for a few lessons with a trainer. Since it has been so long, I don't know if you've ever been in a gym. I never had so paying for the lessons showed me some workouts, showed me how to use the equipment, and MOST OF ALL how to use the equipment safely. I am also a vegetarian. You will want to hit the eggs, nuts, beans, and greek yogurt pretty hard. It is hard to get the protein. I put Fage 0% Greek yogurt in my smoothies. 20g protein per serving!!! ...or you could just take protein shakes or protein bars I guess. Also, be careful with salads. They can be just as junky.
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If the name calling is any indication to change your habit, you should start right away. Try the Atkins diet. You'd have to limit your sugar and startch intake considerably. It's mainly a protein diet, but I find that it works. Along with that, go for a walk every evening and start to lift some free weights.
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Breathe more - eat less. Yes it is a lifestyle change, so find activities you enjoy and will continue. Personally get the F out of the gym all the time. Figure a circuit in a park. Run, do pull ups, abs, push ups etc. Not every workout needs to be trudge to the gym.

Find a partner to motivate each other...but beware excess competition. Keep it positive. Everyone reacts to training stress.

Sleep. Don't try and adj your sleep cycle while changing your diet and starting a training program. Sleep is when you recover from the work. Get too little and you wont make progress as quickly and are more likely to miss days and burn out.

Good luck!
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1. Choose a diet you can adhere to. Don't go balls out and start eliminating all the "bad" stuff all at once. Cut out the junk food bit by bit and ease into your diet.

2. Same goes for your exercise regime. Ease into it. I know its tempting to jump right in and start pushing yourself as hard as possible to lose weight fast but this will lead to injury and you will start to have problems sticking to a exercise regime that you soon find too demanding.

3. Diet is everything. Determine your maintenance calories, deduct 500 from it. This is just a general guideline. I recommend reading these articles;

4. Use a online food tracker like or dailyplate to track your daily calorie intake and to keep yourself accountable.

I would suggest starting with easy cardio, light lifting to get used to the form and movement and bodyweight exercises as the start off point for your exercise program.
Something I posed on another fitness website;

Burpee ladders;

Traditional - Pick a number, say 15 - do 15 reps, rest, do 14 reps, rest and so on untill you hit 1. At that point, if you aren't knackered out, start climbing up the ladder. I usually pick a 20 or 15 rung ladder for my morning workouts. For quicker and easier workouts, I do 10 rung ladders, but I include the climb up. The smaller sets allow for quicker recovery and fantastic way to keep your heart-rate up.

I also often include different exercises between the sets, usually a exercise that works the other muscles. If I do this, I usually take the time taken for the exercise as the recovery period. Eg. Stair sprints to burpees. For this instance I will take the walk down as recovery.

eg. 15 burpees> 20 crunches no rest> 14 burpees.
Another favorite of mine are alternating ladders. Pick two exercises, lets say burpees and thunder-rolls. A 15-rung ladder will look something like 15 burpees, 1 thunderoll, 14 burpees, 2 thunderolls etc etc.



Pick any number of exercises and do enough reps of the each exercise to either hit a total of 300 reps or 300 reps of each exercise. I prefer to have minimal rest for if I'm going for a total of 300 reps. i.e. Just keep pushing through. Stop to catch your breath if you need to, but keep it short. If I'm aiming for a total of 300 for each exercise I usually only pick 3-4 exercise and break em up into sets, resting between each set.

Total 300 workout;

20 Squats
20 lunges
20 Mary poppin jumps
20 squat leg thrust
20 standard pushups
20 wide-arm pushups
15 dive bombers
15 dive bombers with hands together
20 Tuck Jumps
20 T pushups
15 Burpees
20 counts of 4 flutter kicks
20 Around the world, 10 each direction
20 Pulses
20 Leg lifts
15 Burpees

General workouts, can be done for duration (i.e. as many sets as possible in 30mins) or just choose how many sets you want to stop at;

10 x Burpees
20 x Pushup - do a different variation each set
10 x Star jumps
20 x Crunches
20 x Floor sprints
Do as many sets as you want/ time allows

10 x Burpees
1 x Hill Sprint
20 x crunches
Walk down and repeat

Sprint 100m
Backpedal the 100m (this is your recovery)
20 x Pushups
Repeat (no rest)

External Resources;
Eva T's Blog
Eva T's WOD Compilation - CrossFit Discussion Board
Bodyweight Workout Resource v2.0 - CrossFit Discussion Board
Some new CFPC workouts - CrossFit Discussion Board
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Start cooking all your own food from scratch. The effort and time combined with it not being a bunch of carbs and butter would be a good start. When I lost a bunch of weight, I lost 75% of it just with diet. The last bit was with exercise.
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