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Shoe Help!

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Hey everyone,

I was browzing through the "Mr. Clean" style guide on the menstyle website, and I saw these absurdly gorgeous shoes from Cloak.

Problem: I simply don't have $600.00 to spend on a pair of shoes. My limit would be somewhere around $150-$200.

Can one of you shoe connoisseurs could suggest a similar pair within my price range?

Thanks in advance!

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You might try DSW or K&G.
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ok... Thanks, but ...what are they? LOL. *sorry -- new to shoes* I'm gonna need the company names spelled out for me.
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Originally Posted by funk_soul_brother

Thanks, but ...what are they? LOL.

*sorry -- new to shoes* I'm gonna need the company names spelled out for me.

You'll find the kitonbrioni's posts are usually short and sweet and are rarely informative.

DSW = Direct Shoe Warehouse. Their web site is located at www.dswshoes.com. Hopefully there is one near you, but their stock varies by location.

K&G = K&G Superstore. Their web site is located at www.kgmens.com.

Also, if you are not opposed to wearing used shoes, eBay can be a goldmine. Specifically, look for some Allen-Edmonds (common abbreviation is AE) Park Avenues. They are usually true to size and can be had within your price range if not lower depending on what you can find.
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Before you decide to buy your next pair of shoes, hang out here at the forum. Read some of the posts about better quality shoes and learn a little about shoe quality and how to save some bucks.
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thanks mrchapel and mrmonty! haha. funny that the advice comes from two gentlemanly mr's. thanks for those links, mrchapel! i'll definitely have to check them out extensively when i get the chance. i seem to recall reading that name, "Allen Edmonds" in many threads here. they must be popular shoes! i think you're right as well, mr. monty. i should browze more throughout the forums on shoe topics before i buy my *first* pair of nice shoes. solid advice and sincerely taken. thanks
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