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I use collar stays and never have a problem with stiffness!
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
Hmm. My Borrelli shirts all curled a little bit, but my Matuozzo shirts don't at all. But the latter is far softer. I wonder if fabric has something to do with it.

Interesting, her shirt collar usually buckles under the weight of my SR suits.
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Originally Posted by ld111134 View Post
I'd like to revive this thread. I have a number of Charles Tyrwhitt shits with cutaway and spread collars where the collar points are turning inward despite the collar stays.

The interlining in the collar could have shrunk. Shirtmakers typically wash the interlining and cloth before making the shirt so they don't change size. You could try stretching it out while ironing it with lots of heat and water (soak the collar) to see if that fixes things.

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