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My clothing line

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hey guys,i visit the forum a lot, dont post very often, I am a college student, and recently a buddy and I started our own clothing line, they are upscale mens tshirts, wanted to know what you thought and if you could think of any stores that might carry stuff like this, our website is www.rocknclothing.com.
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1. What makes these upscale? 2. What is the price? 3. Why dn't you sell them online?
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Seem like interesting designs, though frankly the t-shirt market seems a little saturated these days. Pitch them at higher end jeanswear stores like American Rag CIE (S.F. and L.A.), Rag Factory (L.A), Atrium (N.Y.), Allston Beat (Boston). How much are you selling these tees for? About $25-35 seems standard, but if you want to hit a higher pricepoint ($40+) you are going to have to pitch materials and workmanship the way, say, James Perse has (for example, are your t-shirts made especially for you, with unique fabrics) in addition cool graphics, and to stores like Fred Segal and Barneys Co-op.
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Right now we are printing on the American Apparel, which is the nicest blank shirts on the market right now, the t-shirts sell for 25-30 dollars, you can request to buy a shirt onlone by emailing, but right now we dont have the capital to make an ecommerce site.
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I was in the American apparel store in NYC on houston street. I was really unimpressed with the quality of the t-shirts and sweat shirts. I grew up working in an Army and Navy store. I have handeled many knit garments. I found them to be too light weight. Good luck.
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Well, first of all, I've got to say that I absolutely love the website. Especially the music. I've liked that Ivana Santilli (sp?) song ever since it came out. That being said, I wasn't too crazy about the designs. However, I do have some strange taste in clothing. I think you'll do well.
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Rockn Clothings mission is to quickly enter the untapped niche of high-quality t-shirts aimed at fashion conscience individuals who still like to be unique. We are attempting to fill a marketplace filled with homogeneity and allow distinctiveness and personal identity through our clothing. No longer will people be forced to fit into the concrete mold set forth by existing clothing companies, but rather have an outlet to express their unique appreciation for the fine visual and auditory arts. Rockn is beginning its rock and roll blitz with the highest quality 100cotton American Apparel silk-soft t-shirts adorned with freshness so clean that it glimmers with each new creation. Each shirt is unique like the taste of the individual that wears it, allowing an outlet of expressiveness that transcends words; only lyrics can possibly offer a suitable description. As rockers AC/DC once sang, For those about to rock, we salute you. Rockn is aimed at individuals - teenagers through young adults. Our long-term goals are scale-wise growth with increased success and scope-wide growth with new products such as jeans, button-downs, jackets and accessories. The number of fashion aficionados is untapped and growing strongly. People continue to enjoy their own type of music while fashion becomes exponentially important in our everyday culture. Are you ready to rock?
c'mon man. you're selling t-shirts.
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