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What color(s) blazer?

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Hi, everybody! I'm about halfway through reading all previous posts & picking up some helpful info. Could use some advice on one perplexing issue. While my dress is 99.9% casual these days, I do have a few things for "sprucing up" (to a point). Don't own a suit/never will...so I suppose 'dress-casual' best describes the only look I'll achieve in the civility dept. To the point, I have a couple nice (to me) 'barely there' cream colored dress shirts with a couple nice looking ties to hang on 'em (one gold w/a touch of blue - the other, brown with small dot pattern). I really like the look of these (welcome change from white). Presumably, they (along with a 3rd shirt which is more of a true ecru/off-white) are best worn with brown trousers (any other options?). Here's where I'm lost - what color(s)/shade blazer would present a decent appearance? TIA for your input.

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In regards to slacks, look in blue and grey, they can work nicely with most shirt colors. In regards to a blazer/sportscoat. Start with Navy and then expand. I've got a Blazer in Navy and in Brown.
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I like dark green or olive. I'm still looking around for one in my size (36S)
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Navy or blue blazer with a white shirt, charcoal or tan pants, brown shoes.
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In the first place, I don't know why you state you "never will" own a suit. There are certain occasions--weddings, funerals, job interviews, etc.--when nothing else is nearly as appropriate as a good dark suit. I think every man (at least one who is gainfully employed) should have at least one such suit and a couple of sport coats,

As for blazers, the classic color is obviously blue. There are those--and these include men whose opinions I generally respect highly--who will tell you that blue is the only appropriate color for a true blazer. However, I have a green blazer that I commissioned recently that I am very fond of.
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