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Since youw anted to be helped out, Check out the rockfords on unionmade.  On sale right now for $219 until they sell out! gogogogogogo!

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nevermind, unionmade screwed me


I now hate them.

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Montana Pitch Blend Leather Dressing
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I love this stuff. I have both the leather oil and the dressing for the winter. The are great for my boots like my Thorogod moc-toe boots and my Red Wing GTs. I can't praise it enough.

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What is the point of replacing leather soles with rubber straight out?? Does it save the life of the boot? Or more a comfort thing, not worrying about water seeping through and becoming uncomfortable while wearing?
I see some people replacing leather soles with rubber straight away.
Why not wait until the leathers are no good?
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I agree with the person that shines boots/shoes.  I ran an English Tack Shop and manufactured leather horse related products for over 20 years.  I sold thousand dollar saddles.  It is quite simple...if you don't take care of your investment then you are wasting your money.  I have probably tried two dozen 'Miracle Leather' products over the years and found most of them to be useless.  Several products that I used and recommend are the Lexol line as well as the Stubben Hammanol Oil.  I particularly like the Lexol nf (neats foot) for my daily or weekly wipe down.  It is a nice conditioner that is almost impossible to over use.  When first wiped on with a wetted cotton cloth it may darken the leather just slightly but as it dries/soaks in the leather goes back to its original color.  For a good conditioning after prolonged use I would clean the boots with either the pH balanced Lexol cleaner or the Lexol nf and then follow that with a light coating of Stubben Hammanol.  Stubben has been making some of the finest English saddles for over a 100 years and yes they have a good idea what to put on their leather to make it last longer.  A horses sweat is very acidic and salty and is quite hard on leather if you can imagine. That's my five cents worth.  By the way I am on this blog as I just recently purchased the Wolverine 1000 mile boot and was curious what others might be suggesting for proper care of the boots.  I am quite surprised just how little information is out there for these boots.  These boots like any fine leather product should last a life time if properly taken care of.  The person calling names and suggesting that you should just wear your boots and forget about taking care of them must be a trust fund hippy with unlimited funds to buy/replace his boots when they start to fall apart.  Unfortunately all I got from my parents was good common sense about life and not much money.  I would take that over money every day of my life.

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