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Overcoats and peacoats?

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I'm in Boston (Cambridge actually) right now and figuring out winter clothing. I had my heart set on finding a good duffel coat and was advised to get a darker color such as charcoal or dark grey over light tan.

However, I also thought to get a peacoat. I was wondering, however, whether a peacoat is warmer than the usual overcoat, and if there are times when you'd wear one but never the other. Finally, I'm advising the African foreign students how to grab winter clothes cheap. Given their complexion, I was thinking that peacoats would look great on them, but was hoping for advice on how to get them cheap.
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Peacoats are warmer.

Unless you manage to find a slim overcoat, you'll only be wearing it over a jacket.
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Overcoat = more formal, usually a better choice to find one where you're able to fit a suit jacket underneath.

Peacoat = more casual, probably what you should be getting on campus.

IMHO you should get a peacoat now and wait till you find the perfect deal/fit somewhere for the overcoat.
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Man I hate peacoats.
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man, just say you go to harvard.
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does harvard have an sf discount code for it's tuition?
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You wish.

Peacoats are navy, but what color is best for a fair-skinned, dark-haired Asian student's first overcoat? I was advised to get gray or charcoal over light tan, for example.
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