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Cleaning a Linen Suit

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I bought a linen Borrelli suit from World's Finest about 2 years ago. It's not particularly dirty now, but there are a few small spots that I've had a hard time spot cleaning without leaving an water mark or somehow making the texture of the cleaned linen stand out from the surrounding area. I want to wear this suit to a wedding in a few weeks and I was thinking about having it cleaned.

Does anyone have any experience with having a linen suit cleaned? The shape of the lapels, chest and shoulders of this suit are absolutely perfect. Will a cleaner maintain the shape or can I expect it change a bit? The linen is relatively thick and stiff - it may even have some starch in it to maintain the shape and the suit has never gotten very wrinkled - will cleaning change that? I'm assuming that French Hand Laundry is the best place in L.A. for me to take this, but maybe they aren't so strong on men's suits - not sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Had a quarter lined 14 oz. linen cleaned last month. Came out looking like it did when it went in, only without the spots.
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Dry cleaning is always good.
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I'm not sure why it would require super special care. Linen is tuff stuff.
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OK - sounds like no problem. I was worried that the lapels and chest might lose their shape but I'll clean without fear.
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Originally Posted by Baron
I'll clean without fear.

Still, use the best cleaners possible. And, it doesn't hurt to have a note put on the order reminding to take extra care with the lapel roll.
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