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Running in fall/winter

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Do you wear man-tights, let your legs freeze or take it indoors?
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I'll run in wind pants outside as long it is above 25 degrees or so and not icy. Lower than that and I hit the treadmill.
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if outside, 3/4 tights with normal running shorts over them
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Don't have too much experience running when it is below freezing, but I have never felt the need to run in anything other than shorts in above freezing weather.... and it is always about 40F and raining in Oregon when I run in winter - has never bothered me. I just wear a capilene undershirt and a t-shirt over it and shorts, and add a rain jacket if necessary.
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I wear grubby sweat-pants. When it gets really cold, I wear two pairs. I don't get fancy.
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I wear shorts until about 40 degrees and then switch to Sporthills or Nike running pants. There really is no reason to wear tights unless you just like the way they feel.

If you think they are too aggressive, just buy a pair of Sporthills. If you get them in the right size, they are not too tight, yet don't get in the way. They come with or without the stirrups.

or if you prefer Nike, they make all kinds of running pants that are not tights.

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regular runnings shorts, long sleeve shirt. If its really cold then cold-weather running gloves go on and make all the difference.
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I never run, but when I play ball in the winter/fall, it's sweats and body heat = not a problem.
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I wear tights.
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Coldest I've run was lower single digits excluding windchill. My clothing at the time:

Top - balaclava, beanie cap, under armour cold gear turtle neck, two lightweight fleece jackets, and double gloves

Bottom - Sugoi mid-zero tights, supporter with a sock stuffed inside, and running pants

Oh, and Yak trax if there's a lot of snow/ice on the ground.

Still, it rarely gets colder than 20s here.
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Tights are about freedom of movement and muscle/joint support, not warmth. I agree they're not necessary, but if you run hard and don't stop you'll appreciate the lack of warmth when you're generating your own heat. And it's fun to make people look, you know they do.
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