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Help me decide between these shoes

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I am currently in the process of deciding about which shoe I want to buy. I have maximum 350 euro budget for 2 or 3 shoes.

I can buy 2 pairs of Loake shoes.

Loake Severn 160 euro

Loake Badminton 190 euro

Or I can buy 3 shoes from Bexly:

Georges and Edward toegether for 200 euro. I can get even a third pair for 300 euro. Which combined with some other shoes I have (2 pairs of boots and some sneakers) should be enough for this year.

Now my question is are the Loake shoes really of much better quality? What would you do ? Any other advise is welcome by the way.

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The two laceup shoes seem to make the most sense.
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How about the quality and construction? Can someone elaborate on the differences? Or on the advantages of the Loake shoes? How about the durability? Can someone explain a bit more... I am not very familiar with these shoes..
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i asked about the quality of loake's before.... all opinions i got were on the negative.
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The Loakes I've seen second-hand have been uniformly dreadful--the kind of thing that could bring down an entire ensemble with barely a shrug. The Bexleys look much nicer in every way. And since they seem to be by far a better deal, I would go with those. (Actually, what I would really do is try to ferret out s.thing truly great on sale or second hand, but then that's more of a philosophical inquiry. If you need the shoes now and for a purpose the Bexleys appear to be a good bet.)
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Have you looked at the Loding shoes? They look better than Loake or Bexley, at least on the website. 130 euros per pair.

If you can stretch to 400 euros for two pairs, there's also the Shipton and Heanage "Grade" range of shoes:

Good Luck.
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Can anybody read french? I like the looks of the Loding shoes above but I don't see anything about ordering on line. Anyone know where else to find them stateside?
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