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Are Cell Phones Accessories?

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I say absolutely not. I find they look terrible on people's belts (and wherever else they put them). Do I put it on my belt? Yes, I'm guilty but I try to hide it (or forget about it) if possible
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They're kind of tacky if used as an accessory.
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Cell phones are a utilitarian device. That being said, they should at least look good.

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Honestly I don't care what my phone looks like, as long as it works.
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For the amount of time that some people have them to their ear, I can see why they care how they look. Mine mostly stays in my pocket. When I pull it out people want to look at it, but I'm sure mostly because it's new (the Q). It actually looks really, really boring in my opinion, which is fine. I hate silver electronics though, so that counts for a lot. A black one would be much better looking.
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They are necessities not accessories, but they do reflect one's taste and therefore have to look good when in use, the only time they should be in sight.
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If you're wearing a bespoke Kiton with bespoke Lobbs, then I mean.. come on, you need a Vertu and an Amex Black. ACCESSORIES.

(No, they're not accessories. They're functional electronic devices used to make telephone calls and cause accidents.)
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Cell phones are the work of the devil--period.
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I'd say they are an accessory. If a wallet is an accessory, a cell phone definitely is.
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I'd say they aren't. But I can see why people say they are
But then again aren't most clothes really utilitarian?
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As much as I would like to say "no, simply a utilitarian device etc), i say they are. I basically chose my SLVR because I really like how it looks. As a utilitarian device, its not that good - but it does get a lot of compliments. Personally Id rather have a nice looking phone than an overpriced mechanical watch. *seeks shelter*
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