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FS: Slim fitted leather jacket sz.S

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This is a retro 70's style Leather Jacket, its Dark Chocolate Brown and is Perfect for the Skinny Indie boy retro look, please note the Jacket is a slim cut fit and is designed to give a tight appearance as is the style... it is genuine leather and has been recently made for the 70's indie look, it is a new coat not a musty second hand jacket off a retro stall

looking for 120$ +shipping costs from germany


collar to bottom: 56cm

armpit to armpit: 44cm

sleevesfrom armpit: 43cm

click on the pictures to enlarge...

feel free to ask any questions
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Interesting... what brand, or where did you get it from? It would be nice to have some more information.
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actually i don't know what brand it is because there is no tag inside... i bought it off ebay myself... the leather is really nice and i only want to sell it as i'm broke right now... if you have any other questions just ask!
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Well considering there is no brand and it is a vintage leather jacket (which can be had at a vintage store for around $20), I think the price is a bit much.........
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well it's not a vintage jacket from the 70' it's just made in the same style... in fact it's only been worn for a few times

i do accept offers as well
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What's the outer sleeve length? Do you have more close-up pics? Thanks.
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the outer sleeve lenght is 63cm

sorry i have no other pics because i got no cam right now
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Is there no tag of any kind on the inside? Not just a brand tag but even a materials/laundry/"made in" tag? That would help on pricing as well. Even though the jacket looks nice in the pics, without any info, it is hard to know without seeing it in person.

If it were made in Italy of 100% leather, then that price is okay. If it is made in China by some cheaper leather maker, then that price is about what you'd pay at their store (or not so great). That retro-style jacket is REALLY popular now and everybody from Hermes to Wal-mart's "George" line is making one, so just the fit and style are no way to tell.

So, as others have said, a little more info would be great. You may also want to contact your original ebay seller and see if he'll tell you where he got it/what brand it is.

If you CANNOT find out that info, there is generally something you can do that will hint to its quality: What kind of zippers does it use? You can tell usually by looking closely at the pull or on the back. If it uses brands like Riri, IPI, Lampo, etc., then it is a very nice coat. These zippers would cost $15-25 a piece for a jacket, so a cheaper/lower quality jacket probably wouldn't bother using them.

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