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Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
Overall, get used to wearing slimmer clothes. The most important thing I learned about dressing as a skinny guy was - clothes that are too big (ie, "normal") do NOT hide the fact you are skinny. In fact, it makes you look more thin than you are. Get used to wearing slim clothing and you will never go back. You will gain alot of confidence and self-respect as well.

This is really true, when I was younger I wore a lot of baggier clothes and didn't realize that it was making me look even skinnier. Now I wear clothes that fit me well (but aren't tight) and they're way more flattering to my body (I've also put on some mass which helps).

btw, as per your workout comments Icarium, the problem is that the meathead guy rules don't apply to hard gainer types. You need different kinds of workouts and nutrition than they do.
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i think theres good and bad advice to be found here. i learned a long time ago that there is a universal look to aim for as a man dressing and here are the rules as i recall them...

from top to bottom, get a shirt that fits properly in the shoulders - this is the most important place for your fit. the shirt should taper at least a little bit to your waist - create a "V" with the shirt. if your shoulders are narrow thats ok - get a proper fit in the shoulder and a nice gentle taper down and you will not APPEAR narrow

avoid vests as they are VERY slimming in the torso. opt for accessories like blazers and zip-up hoodies - these add bulk and body rather than subtract.

pants - get pants that fit. DO NOT get skinny leg pants or slim fits! that will only accentuate what you are trying to hide! get a straight boot cut jean which is the same length all the way down - i swear by this cut as it is the most masculine of all the jean cuts. make sure the waist fits properly and that your length is also proper, and im going to tell you something that other people are going to hate - dont be afraid to sag your pants an inch or so, just below the waistline of your boxers. this is a trendy look and is very popular in young men and doesnt make you look bad at all. our shirt should either cover your underwear or be tucked into your pants anyways - its when the underwear shows that you look like a fool

and at the end of the day, wear what makes you feel comfortable! if you feel your best in an oversized tshirt and ratty old jean shorts (shudders at the thought) then rock it. Only you can decide what makes you feel your best. Also dont be afraid to play with different stylistic ideas. Surf the net and browse looks until you find something you feel comfortable with.

Best of luck and let us know what you come up with!
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Originally Posted by scubiduu View Post
im a skinny guy myself (140 lbs 6'1)...putting on muscle would be awesome cause i could buy "normal" clothes..but i have to admit that getting big isnt really worth the effort for me since gym all week + eating allday is super timeconsuming and expensive ..and boring to me. something i would recommend when you are skinny is working on your posture and walk...cause thats where the lankyness really shows off...another big thing is getting comfortable with being skinny.

excellent tip - good posture really hides a slender body type. and workout and nutrition aside, if youre skinny youre skinny - not much you can do about the way God built you. You cant put an SUV on a car's chassis (unless youre a Ford Edge)

get clothes that fit, but never FORM fitting. youre not going to be concerned with size, but cut and style. buy things in your size, but in a less form-fitting style and cut, i.e. avoid vintage-cut shirts with your life lol
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Originally Posted by cfig View Post
max is actually dead on there. I've done the same thing, I've been on a program where I'm eating a whole lot more and working out. I'm now still slender (5-9 150) but I'm still gaining mass and shirts and jackets in particular fit me MUCH better than they used to.

max: you're aren't in S2B perchance?

I did this too. For so long i protested against it but i have come to realize that being a 36R and 6'2 is just silly. I bulked up to 38R and feel much better - and have MUCH much better luck at RTW finds.
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i have opened a shop specifically for skinny guys!
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F21 or wearsgo
code for wearsgo is acoupon5.
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I think I have a solution to your problem my friend! Check our - we create custom clothing for all fits and sizes. You can try our Home Try On program to find a general fit/size and then further adjust it via waist, chest, shoulders, length, and sleeve until you find the perfect fit. Create an account and get $20 credit. Also email so we can help you get into some shirts that make you feel great! 

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Originally Posted by isagani View Post

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Write like a grown up. That'd be a start.
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