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Originally Posted by Reevolving View Post
I spot checked a few prices:
$150 sweaters
$25 T-shirts
$60 chinos
$300 boots
$60 Oxfords

I'm not speaking to quality (or to sales), but you probably should be pulling down $80k minimum to play in this price range.
(I'd say $125k if you live in a city)
Unless, of course, you're a $30,000 millionaire, or a Prole riddled with credit card debt.

In my affluent college, most people wore $30 sweaters/shirts, $50 shoes, $10 T's, and $30 chinos.
So, the markup from "basic apparel" is about 100-500%.

Maybe I'm out of touch.
I didn't spend big on clothing until I had serious assets and job seniority/security.
And, that comes long after college age.
Then again, the JCrew sales demographics overwhelmingly back that up.

I think this more speaks to the silliness of paying full retail price for mall brands

J Crew Sweaters sell for $30-$50 on ebay (new)
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I'm finding less and less to buy from them. Basic tee shirts, polos, etc. on deep sale. The occasional sweater. Also, Club Monaco sucks. I went to the NYC Soho store, and the fabrics felt cheap, the construction was shoddy, and the offerings were boring. Seemed like a more expensive Banana Republic to me.
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I might be late to this argument, and even later to the existence of this brand, but I recently discovered Lands' End Canvas. It appears to be a spinoff of Lands' End whose goods look much like J Crew, but are considerably more affordable.
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