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Originally Posted by johnapril
Atom Heart Mother

Good choice.

This is like the desert island album contest. If I could only have 3 albums on a desert island, they would be:

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Originally Posted by Connemara
Visualize pics of really old albums here

Your parents called...they want their albums back.
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Originally Posted by Bona Drag
I edited my post because I didn't want to start a huge music dork flame war, so instead of wagging my finger at other members I'll just say amen to aportnoy (although I don't know about the last two - no pun intended, har har...).

It's sort of cheating because it's not a studio album, but my desert island album would be Live 1966, without a doubt.

Also, I realize this thread is for favorite records, not a generic list of the all-time greatest; the above two happen to be a couple of my faves, but there's a ton of really good stuff on here, so keep 'em coming.

I'm obsessed with Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio show on XM - I down'oad the shows off the net and have all of them on my hard drive. As for Live 1966, Robbie Robertson's guitar solos, especially on Baby Let Me Follow You Down, are just sick.
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Favorite five albums?

Air - Talkie Walkie (Moon Safari being a very close second)

Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction (Best studio rock album ever)

The Misfits - Static Age

Deltron 3030

Toadies - Rubberneck
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Red hot chili peppers - stadium arcadium Collective soul - collective soul Green day - Dookie
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Just re-discovered this gem:

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Woah, TSC made it on two people's lists? Amazing (in a good way)....
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I just did what amounts to a free write and what follows is what resulted. No where near ten but it is somewhat representative of what I've listened to for the last 15-20 years. If I were to pick ten, most of them would likely come from this list.

Blood on the Tracks- Bob Dylan
Saxophone Colossus- Sonny Rollins
A Love Supreme- John Coltrane
Startime- James Brown- It's a box set but is the best I've ever heard- not a single clunker in the first three discs

Talking Book- Stevie Wonder
Inervisions- Stevie Wonder
Songs in the Key of Life- Stevie Wonder
What's Going On- Marvin Gaye
Abbey Road- The Beatles
Let it Bleed- Rolling Stones
It Takes a Nation of Millions- PE
Fear of a Black Planet- PE
Curtis Mayfield Anthology
Midnight Mover- Bobby Womack- admittedly a compilation
Otis Blue- Otis Redding
Sings Soul Ballads- Otis
Low End Theory- Tribe Called Quest
Professor Longhair- Rock & Roll Gumbo
Swan Silvertones- My Rock/Love Lifted Me
Call Me- Al Green
One of a Kind Love Affair- The Spinners- another compilation but the most listened to for the last 15 years by far

Howlin' Wolf- The Chess Box
Muddy Waters- The Chess Box
Blind Willie Johnson- Praise God I'm Satisfied
Filmore- Allmans
Man and is Music- Sam Cooke
Greatful Dead- Greatful Dead- Live album with a killer Wharf Rat
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Originally Posted by Buickguy View Post

I'm not a Zappa fan, but THAT is a great album cover.
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Ahh, the Styleforum crew doesn't disappoint, impeccable choices.

I will add a few I have not seen listed:

GZA - Liquid Swords. I think this is the best overall Wu album, 36 Chambers included. 4th Chamber/Shadowboxing is the E=MC2 of hiphop.

Coltrane - A Love Supreme

Pink Floyd - Meddle. Echoes is the best thing the band ever did.

Jeff Buckley - Live at the SinE. Indisputable proof that Jeff was the real deal. One of the most expressive voices Ive ever heard. And his guitar playing! The definition of effortless.

Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska

Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

Manitoba - Up in Flames. My favorite 'electronic' album.

Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power

Fugazi - Repeater

Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis

Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense. Best concert ever?

David Bowie - Hunky Dory

Can - Ege Bamyasi

Motorhead - Ace of Spades

Paul Simon - Graceland
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If I must pick 3:

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This is rough...real rough. It depends on how nostalgic I am being....

Fugazi - Steady Diet of Nothing - of course not their best, but it was the first one I ever bought of theirs - had bad tape copies of everything else until I sold a bunch of really bad CDs (back when they still came in those big long boxes) to get Steady Diet.

Dinosaur Jr self titled, damn, loved that album in high school

Paul Weller - self titled, just damn good...though I listen to others more, its still my all time fav

Tom Waits - Mule Variations

Charles Mingus - hard choice, catch me on one day and it'll be Ah Um, Oh Yeah or Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus

Ornette Coleman - Shape of Jazz To Come

Jim Pepper - Comin and Goin

Michael Blake - Kingdom of Champa

Super Furry Animals - Rings Around the World - was listening to it when I found out about 9/11...At Least Its Not The End Of The World specifically....

And one that I always love to put on is fIREHOSE Live at the Totempole EP I just have MP3s because I sold it ages ago when going through a jazz phase, needed cash and because I was generally a SLACKMOTHERFUCKER!
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