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new jacket

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i just hooked this up on clearance for $228. do you think this is good casual look? i should be receiving it soon and i am super stoked.

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You overpaid by $229.
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i'd have to agree with DGP. it looks like really cheap leather or polyurethane.

welcome to the SF!

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the one at H&M and zara looks better
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So did you buy the matching striped shirts and Kenneth Coles to go with it? Don't forget the cheap cigars to complete the "badass" look.
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You can get the matching trousers here.
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Yeah, I'm not feeling that jacket either. And definitely not feeling the price. Speaking of Kenneth Cole though. I spotted this jacket at Loehmann's. I think it was $100. It seems quite funtional (wearable lining) not sure about teh style though. What y'all think???

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Hilarious that the mannequin has on a striped shirt and is showing the crewneck white undershirt.
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maybe you can cancel the your credit card as stolen!
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What a welcome!
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