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Belt with Sneakers

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Hi, I'm actually a former styleforum member, but I lost the info for my old account. I used to be called "Lydia". Anyway, now I am back as Babygreenspots. This name is in honor of the Chinese "luxury" brand called Crocodile.

I just had a question about belts with sneakers. If I'm wearing a pair of white sneakers (and jeans) - should I wear a white belt? Could be a bit silly, no? Anyway, do we tuck shirts in with sneakers? I haven't, but sometimes I have had the urge when I am wearing a blazer. So, what belts do you fellows think look good with white sneakers (or other colors)?

Sorry if this topic has already been discussed.
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White is such a common color for sneakers that you will not be obligated to match with your belt. Of course, you certainly can wear a white belt but please avoid those tacky grommeted and studded belts.
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Streetwear is more casual, so matching belts with shoes isnt that big of a deal.
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I wear a black or brown belt with any color trainers
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