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Year of denim line

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Seems a little RMC-ish... "The Year Of is a luxury denim brand that will be releasing their products on August 24th. Included in the collection are 10 Jeans with each denim limited to only 144 pieces or fewer. Every jean is selvedge and contain real gold and silver threads as laces for the side closure. It comes in a can packaging that sports the Year Of label also. Keep an eye out for these true luxury denim coming to the U.S. soon." -hypebeast
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wow-all the nuevo riche/wannabe hip-hop stars will buy right into this.
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Saw these in person just now. Apparently Atrium is the only place caryying them (at least here in NYC). Saw about 4 or 5 diff styles, talk about obtrusive!! But.................. there was ONE that was pretty tame. For a limited release jeans (only 100+ i think) and a price tag of $240 - i can't say I am opposed.

The gold and silver (real gold an silver) gave them a very interesting look. After seeing Nudies in Century 21 I am feeling like I want to move closer to a jean with the least probabilty of becoming ubiquitous.
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