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I usually shop by myself but on some things I want my wife's advice. She has good taste. She's learned to appreciate the finer quality pieces.
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Always alone. I have had a number of women ask me to go shopping with them, for clothes. I tried to help out, a couple of times. For the most part, it didn't work. I was being honest about their good and weak points; often their feelings got hurt.

The women who HAVE allowed me to help select their wardrobes, began gradually to look different. They got compliments and looks, from friends, etc. I stopped a number of them, from pursing worthless trends, way too late in their lives. I taught them how to accessorize. I made them understand balance, and FIT. Too many women, wear their clothes too tight. I put them in sheer black stockings, for evening. I told them how to wear jewelry, and to wear less of it. It was great fun. But, things got too complicated, so then I stuck just to my mother and my sister, both of whom gave me carte blanche.

The rest . . . is in storage . . .
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Originally Posted by Tck13
Statistics show that men are doing more shopping on their own than ever before. There are some references which I found when trying to start my own menswear store. Unfortunately, I don't have the ref. handy at the moment. If there is a good library nearby, they will have male purchases broken down to articles of clothing (men buy more shirts than anything else), money spent, who did the shopping, and so on.

I'm not saying this sarcastically but it's amazing what you can find at the library.

Or online. Much of that information probably can be found on Cotton Incorporated's website. (Sorry, no time to sift through articles now.) However, is there any research showing how shopping partner(s) influence men's buying behaviors?
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My wife recently told me her two examplars for men's attire were her sainted first husband (who passed into the Great Beyond about five years before I met her) and her father. I don't know anything out her first husband's sartorial taste (although I have the sense that it was lackluster). Her father is an ultra-Trad, clad largely by Brooks and "J. Squeeze," as he likes to call them. He comes by it naturally. He was raised and educated at Phillips Exter, where his father was a legendary master--served about 35 years there. He then went Harvard (Class of '40). My wife likes the conservative aspects of Trad. If I dress like a New England prep school master in autumn, she loves it. The jauntier aspects of Trad she would loathe--if I appeared in a patch Madras sport coat, it might spell the end of our marriage!

Anything redolent of masculine panache or dandyism, she dislikes intensely: pocket squares, white bucks, spectator shoes, hats, ascots and bowties, to name some.

I would never have her along when making a significant sartorial purchase these days. However, when we are shopping together at places where quality menswear is sold--Saks, Barneys, N-M, Polo, etc., I do like to query her about what she likes. I don't want invest a substantial amount in a garment and not have her want to be seen with me in it, but beyond that I want to be skipper of my own ship in these matters.
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sometime but my wife like the bigger brand such as Gucci, YSL, Jil Sander and normal go to bigger malls so i can always find something we can mutaully agree on!
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I have found that if you let them feel like they`re helping out, then shopping with a GF or spouse can be very fun.

The trick is to know exactly what you want first...for example a navy blue solid tie...then you let them pick their choice out of several navy ties. In the end, you will end up with what you wanted, and they feel good too.

Like someone else mentioned earlier, the main problem with shopping with women is that they look at everything in the store. Although you went shopping for a navy blue solid tie, they start looking at shirts, sweaters, jeans, etc...and you get tired. Also, they don`t know everything about men`s clothes, so narrowing the choices in the beginning for them saves you from having to explain why you are disagreeing with them.
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Shopping with a female friend led me to some very bad choices looking back on it. I think the fact that she hates my guts now and doesn't talk to me for some reason says something about our "friendship". I'll still occasionally look to female opinions, but just on little things like, "Does this make my neck look long?" etc. I've started finding my own personal tastes as a result of being here at SF, for which I am grateful.
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I always shop alone. No exceptions. I've never received good advice from a shopping companion, male or female.

Or maybe I'm just a misanthrope.
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Of the hundreds of clients that have shopped with me for custom clothes, I don't remember one that ordered anything with his wife or girlfriend. If they were present they did not get involved.
My wife has superb taste and I enjoy her perspective about color and pattern.
Some clients would defer to her taste when trying to decide on suit cloth or shirtings or would at least want her consent.
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i would rather shop alone or with a male friend who also shares my interest in clothes and shoes.
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Most of my male friends have zero interest in clothes (I guess that is why I was so happy to find this forum!), and I do not have any high opinion about their taste. There may be one or two exceptions.
My wife has far better taste than I have. Also, I was brought up in an atmoshpere were no attention was paid to clothes, at least not to "elegant" men's clothing (I bougth my first sportcoat+trouser combination for a job interview when I was 28 -I got the job-, and my first suit even later). Thus, I have started to learn about these issues only in recent years, and I often ask my wife for advice. However, she is very impatient, and as my confidence in my own taste is increasing, I more and more prefer to shop on my own, and to ask for her opinion only when I have doubts concerning specific issues.
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My wife has terrible taste in mens clothing, probably attributed to the ridiculous ads from Boss, Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein etc (I'm having goosebumps already) that flood popular media.

However, I do take her shopping for when I want to buy expensive things e.g. a new MTM, watch, suitcase etc, she acts as counterpoint for my sometimes overenthusiastic glee when talking shop with the shop assistant.
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okay, to be fair to my wife, not only does she nag about my spending habits, but she encourages me to spend, within reason, on things i like. her mindset on this is life is too short for you to deny yourself pleasures. heck, she even let me borrow her amex card on my last shoe purchase!
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My wife and I have similar (and good) tastes. I am better at shopping for her than she for me, but she is definitely good about reaffirming my intuition about certain pieces/combos and keeping reality in check.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
my fiance has fantastic taste so we always shop together, whether for her stuff or mine. she understands where I'm coming from, sartorially, so she's a good sanity check for those rare occasions when I am enamored by a pair of orange loafers.

I'm in the same boat as Get Smart. My fiancee has great taste--and most implortantly will listen to me when I'm trying to explain why I do not want something. She also trusts my taste with her clothing and accessories. The situation is the same with my best friend (also a woman) and one or two other female friends.

That said, I recently went shopping with two other female friends who just did not get that I didn't want that three button notch-lapel "tuxedo". Much less did I need to even try it on in a 42 when I wear a 46. It was very very frustrating but I did manage to not tell them to shut the hell up.

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