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Those Bourtons look like the red ones they've been offering for a while at the London store.
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Originally Posted by DuckOB View Post

I think once people start bidding on these the BIN option goes away so the first bidder had the BIN option until they placed bid

These are nice looking boots. Good luck on the auction
Yeah the bin was $295ish
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White eyelets frown.gif
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mehh, i figure if youre going to wear red boots youre not going to be bothered by that detail
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Anyone interested in gtmo on lolipop red Richard or a different style boot?
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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post

White eyelets frown.gif

All the colors for the ideal shoes to wear on independence day
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These just came in, red lollipop cavelier. Love how these remind me of retro high top sneakers. Have to grab some matching laces though


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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

^ hello. Cipresso boot has been confirmed with these specs below:

Model: Punch Cap Superboot - Model M5617
Color: Cipresso shell
Last: 81
Welt and Outsole: Brown Barbour Welt on brown dainite
Welt Stitching: Tan
All Eyelets: brass
Laces: brown
Lining: purple
Pulltab: purple

If any other members want in contact shoehealer @

Order now closed, submitted to factory! Who was the 7th participant? biggrin.gif
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I am still trying to confirm sizing with Richard. Does anyone know about the 81 last? I am a UK 7・5 F in Edward Green.

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Whixh last in eg are you 7.5f width? I'm a uk11.5e on the 888 and 82 last and fits snug but a uk11.5e on the 606 and 202 last i have plenty of wiggle room in the toes. Went with uk11 (5 fit) on 81
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So even though last 81 is a smarter city last, you think it is sufficiently roomier than the 888 to choose 1/2 size smaller than your size in the 888?
English made shoes that fit for me:

Edward Green
last 888
size 7.5 F balmoral
size 8 E blutcher

last 606
size 8 blutcher

John Lobb last 8000
7 EE blutcher

Based on this Richard recommeded 7.5.

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yeah your EG last sizes relative to trickers 81 7.5 looks right to me.

you take a 7EE on the JL 8000? how does this one fit?
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Bought my very first pair of Ebay Tricker's from Retricker1829, unfortunately...they weren't as described... they were even better! Thanks for the heads up on these @NAMOR, would have totally missed them


  • Nickel/Brass eyelets instead of White (so much better than white)
  • Brown tab instead of Green
  • Tan lining instead of Green


These are seconds, the above must have been the defects :D


On Ebay:

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2


In Real Life:

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^ You did well.
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I also just picked up my first pair of Trickers, also a colored pair off ebay.  They're described as "calf leather".  The leather is much stiffer than any of my other shoes.  I've worn them a few times and they don't seem to be breaking in much.  


Are the colored leathers stiffer than other types? 

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