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If you like Tricker's brogues, then you should like Sanders brogues.  I very much like the uppers.  My criticisms of my Sanders after several years are that the last is very wide and voluminous in the toe box and that the leather sole is not holding up as well as those on my Tricker's.  The soles seem dry and more porous than Tricker's (from my non-expert observations).


But if you are looking at red soles, does that mean that the pair that you are interested in are red crepe?  red dainite?  Then the leather sole issues that I have won't affect yours!


Good luck and hope this helps!


Thanks for this, gr.  This sounds like good news!  The soles are Ridgeway rubber. From what you say about width and so on, I think these might be just right for me. I sit between a UK 8.5 and 9 (although I have a pair of shoes that are 10 and one that are 11!).  Such are the vagaries of shoe sizing. Thanks, again. 

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DMSAM, I agree with Sleepy, this does look like a genuine, Tricker's, box. The printing inside the insoles look right, too.  One hundred and fifty pounds really are a steal. I can't imagine anyone going to the trouble of making a fake box and a fake insole. 

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Thank you - I feel more confident about them now. I was just surprised as they have no shoe bags and then I couldnt find them online but it seems there may be a good reason for the latter at least.

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DMS, the only thing I am not sure about are the letters 'MB' at the top of the label. If in doubt about any of these shoes, you can always drop an email to Tricker's.  I have found that the makers I have dealt with are pretty good at answering specific questions about their products. 


MB might, of course, be 'medium brown'!

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The Tricker's factory confirmed that all is above board and that they are indeed not stock items...thanks for the advice!

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Originally Posted by DMSAM View Post

Hi - I have seen the below for a good price in a shop but can't see anything like them anywhere online. I just wanted to check whether people think they are actually Tricker's or whether I should steer clear. Thanks for any advice!
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nice! which last is this?
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