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Sorry to spam a bit everyone, but just cant contain myself on this purchase nod[1].gif have been waiting for a long time to get a good deal on Tricker's to add to my humble shoe collection. To bad teleportation machine hasnt been invented yet, I will have to chew my dry wall to kill the time till delivery.

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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

found it - may20

damn, just grabbed a burford for $295 shipped. really good.

Upper case MAY20.
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nothing in my size frown.gif
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Originally Posted by DpprDr View Post

Tricker's for the rainy days:


Great boots, I'm gonna have to grab a pair soon.


These are my latest addition to the collection, another vintage pair, this time a high leg gorse calf brogue boot with nine pairs of eyelets instead of the usual seven found these days:




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Originally Posted by charlesgoodyear View Post

With no luck you can get the 10/10 at sale. Problem is Tricker's factory price is a standard sales prices everywhere twice a year.

Take a look at this shoe as an example, left shoe - or on the picture right shoe. No-one wants to pay GBP 265.00 for this. Why even bother standardizing prices on seconds this close to full retail?


Totally understand if you live in the UK and can get to the Tricker's stores for sales. For those of us in the US, Retrickers is a pretty good deal. And as said, the special makeups are fun.

For what it's worth, I've purchased twice and cannot find the defect on one pair. On the other, they told me that they didn't like how the finishing turned out, but I think it is fine, and it polished over no problem.
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hey guys just as a heads up, if you ordered from haberdash they only convert half a size down for the US (ie: 10 US on their site is 9.5 UK). just called to have my order swapped.
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Looking to purchase my first pair of Trickers and have some basic questions. I'm looking for a plain derby and was wondering what the difference is between the Kendal and Woodstock? I normally wear a size 10 in most of my running shoes i.e. New Balance, Asics, etc. and 10 in Allen Edmonds; 10 is my Brannock size. Unfortunately the shoe is not available in my city and i'll have to order online - would i need a 9 or 9.5 UK? Thanks for your help. 

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I think Kendall and Woodstock are pretty much the same.

I'd guess a 9.5uk will be too big.
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I wear the same size as you, and I've found that 8 1/2 UK is damn near perfect and a 9 UK works fine as well (especially boots). No smaller or larger, or they are uncomfortable.
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So I ordered a size 9 UK - crossing my fingers on the size. FYI - Inventory (NYC) is having 20% off all merch (excluding new arrivals) which includes their Trickers shoes. Thanks for the feedback.

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Dear SF members,


I have been reading  this forum with great interest and am looking to purchase some Tricker's boots. But, before I do, I was wondering if you guys could please give me some info. I would like to know how much do the leather boots stretch, as well as the suede? If any of the members could please give me some info, I will greatly appreciate it.



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Hi ykim888! Quality leather shoes don't stretch a lot, a few millimeters only, they will stretch the most when worn as warm leather expands as wells as your feet but, don't hope for a half size (or less) gain with Tricker's.
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Trickers don't really stretch much. Their leather used for boots is thicker than other brands, especially the gorse calf. Don't hope for stretching to fit the shoe. they should fit from the start. If you have wide feet, they offer a range of widths.
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Concur with the rest. None of my calf leather boots have stretched much.
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