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Top Steakhouses

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Since we had a thread about favorite steaks, I thought a thread about favorite steakhouses would be appropriate:

Feel free to kibitz, I'll offer detailed reviews later when I have a bit more time.

1. Peter Luger's (Brooklyn, NY)
2. St. Elmo's (Indianapolis,IN)
3. Prime (Las Vegas, NV)
4. Joe's (Chicago, IL)
5. Delmonico's (Las Vegas, NV)
6. Morton's (variety of locations)
7. JJ's (Pasadena, CA)
8. Russell's (Vail, CO)
9. The Steakhouse at Circus Circus (Las Vegas, NV)
10. Arroyo's Chop House (Pasadena, CA)

I would say though, that the best steaks I've personally had were USDA Prime filets from Omaha Steaks that I grilled myself.
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Murray's, downtown Minneapolis. (26 6th St. South) http://www.murraysrestaurant.com/home.html
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Flemings (El Segundo, Fashion Island)
Ruth Chris' (Several locations in LA, OC)
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Sorry, but is Lugers REALLY as good as it gets? The ambiance isn't that great to me... the porterhouse is great, but I don't know if it's as heavenly as some make out.
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Luger's is very good. Morton's is uniformly terrible IMO. The best in San Francisco was C&L, which recently closed. Now the best is probably Alfred's.
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Smith & Wollensky (several locations)
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The Palm (the original one in NYC or the one in Chicago...the one in DC is terrible)

The Precinct - Cincinnati, OH
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I had a very memorable steak at Maestro (Beverly Hills). I agree with Drizz though, the best steak ever was one that I made myself.
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Are the prices in all of these pretty extreme? I know Luger's, Morton's and Ruth's Chris but don't know much about the rest.
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wow, two joints in pasadena. looks like i got some eatin' to do.

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Originally Posted by alflauren
Smith & Wollensky (several locations)

I've only been to the one in NYC, and it is great.

The Chop House in Denver is not bad.
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I agree that Luger's is #1. I haven't really been to many steakhouses outside of NYC (but I plan to), but Grill 23 in Boston was quite great -- almost Luger's good. So I think that belongs on the list.
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Lugers is okay, but in NYC I think Sparks beats it hands down.

I recently went to David Burke's Prime House in Chicago, the 40-day, dry-aged, bone-in rib-eye was the best steak I've ever had in a restaurant, and that includes Kobe/Wagyu steaks. The chorizo mashed potatoes are also pretty incredible.
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Wow, 12 replies and no votes for Bern's in Tampa. BTW, Smith & Wollensky is regularly derided as a has been by New Yorkers, myself included. One of my current favorites in NYC is Del Frisco. My favorite his and hers steakhouse is BLT Steak. Sparks & Peter Lugers, you will never be dissapointed by them. Marc Joseph has promise.
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I have eaten at BLT Steak, Sparks and Wolfgang's in NY, but found the meat to lack really great flavor. Ditto for Morton's and Capital Grille. Adding all that sizling butter doesn't look healthy, but it sure tastes great. My vote is for Ruth's Chris.
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