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Sterlingwear supposedly is a contractor to the Navy for Peacoats. STERLINGWEAR OF BOSTON
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Here's Gloverall's British version of the pea coat, at a nice discount. It looks little different than the surplus version. http://<a href="http://www.sierratra......uct.htm</a> In keeping with the spirit of this thread, I have no association with Sierra Trading Post, and so have nothing to fear and less to gain.
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RL usually has quality peacoats--both wool and cashmere ones. RLPL also does peacoats in alpaca blends. Also, there are leather peacoats by Prada, Marzotto Labs, etc. Old Navy does peacoats in wool blends.
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I love pea coats, having had about 10 years of wear from a military surplus one bought in Chicago. I highly recommend getting the real thing, none of the "designer" versions. Surplus is the way to go.
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Here's Gloverall's British version of the pea coat, at a nice discount. It looks little different than the surplus version.
Bought this one a few years back and returned it. I would not consider this a pea coat. The material was so thin and cheap feeling. Better off going with something like Schott at this price point.
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You could try Schott. Pea coats aren't terribly "now".
I've looked at Schott's gear and was impressed with the quality. As for "now", I do think that the pea coat has a certain timelessness in American "fashion" or style. I have two coats -- one was Merchant Marine issued and given to me by an old chum, and the other was Naval issue. There were one or two large Naval Clothing factories in the US at one point -- I'll check my coats when I can and find the tags. Does the US Navy still issue this coats? I've looked at the quality of Schott and thought it the best that I'd seen compared to my old gear (one of which was WWII surplus) but never thought it was as good as what had been made previously. My suggestion is to find some authentifc surplus. I almost think that to duplicate the quality of yesteryear, one would have to have paid much more than what they sell for now.
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I completely agree with Horace. I now have two pea coats, both old surplus, and although slightly different they are both much better than anything I have seen from a designer or even current issue surplus. The current coats have four working buttons on the front, not including the one that should be under the collar. The wool is so soft and fluffy it should be ashamed of itself, and the quilted lining betrays the shamefulness of the wool's effectiveness. In contrast, the old coats have plain acetate lining, but much thicker, heavier, and tighter wool. One of mine (my favorite)has wool that's so tightly woven it has a sheen to it, and has three (well, six) working body buttons with six buttonholes plus the two under the collar. The other, which I got yesterday, has slightly softer but still heavy wool, a differently shaped collar (wider and with more of a notch in the lapel), higher button stance, and only two buttonholes in one lapel (upper corner and middle of the three body buttons). I was actually going to post pics of them today and see if anyone knew more about their origins, as the first I described seems somewhat uncommon although it is a surplus coat. I would like to find another one of these eventually as I have nearly outgrown it and the collar is pretty beat up, but for now the "new" one will do for a while. Edit: and BTW, as my grandfather informed me when giving me the first one years ago, they should always be worn with the collar flipped up.
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Any good sources for Authentic New Surplus?
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The top one on this page is the style of the current coats:
post #25 of 27 This one is the style of the one I like better. The important thing about the older ones is that they overlap much farther than the new ones, whose buttons are only 6" or so apart horizontally. This means the older ones will be warmer, all other things being equal. Edit: check that, the button stance on this one is pretty high, but it's still not bad. Obviously needs a good steaming, too. I will just get mine out and take some pics later.
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jeez, all this talk about peacoats made me bring mine out of the closet. i live in LA so i only need to wear it one or two times a year. it's an original issue that i picked up for about $35 at the Rose Bowl swap meet. those of you looking for a pea coat should check that out. second sundays of the month from what i remember. the tag on the inside does say Sterlingwear of Boston, Inc as the contracter. and like j mentions, it's a very heavy wool. the top inside has the acetate lining but the botton feels like a polyester almost like a Schoeller fabric you find nowadays on soft shell jackets. but the thing weighs a ton. for warmth though, it's hard to beat. -Jeff
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Just ordered the Navigator from Sterlingwear of Boston. Will let you guys know when I get it.
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