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Originally Posted by bigbadbuff View Post
The best places have hell temperature ovens and grills that can sear like nobody's business. Even most of the best home grills are no match unfortunately.

Oh, I don't know about that -- my grill gets over 600 degrees F, which seems to do nicely.

But I'm not one of those guys who refuses to order steak in the better restaurants, either.
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Originally Posted by j View Post
Considering my fridge is set at about 35 degrees, I think the difference in a thick steak would be significant if I just pulled it out and slapped it on the grill.

I have done it both ways and can't tell any noticeable difference in cooking time, taste, etc. This is the way steakhouses do it, for convenience, safety of the meat, and so on. If you notice a difference, cool, no big deal either way.

To be honest I have never had a restaurant steak, even at up to $50-60 a pop that could compare with the best results I've gotten on my home grill. Maybe I've never been to a really good steakhouse, but I've been to quite a few of the ones that claim to be.

The best steakhouses have ovens/grills that can get much hotter than most home grills, and that is key in cooking a thick steak. Not saying at all that it can't be done at home, and not disputing your experiences, but I've never made a steak at home that was as good as ones I've had from Del Frisco's, Peter Luger, Bobby Flay Steak, and so on. I've gotten close with a great cut of meat and cooking it just right with the right amount of heat.

Also, leaving any steak on 3 minutes and not flipping it would murder it IMO. I don't care if the grill lines look nice personally, but if I really did I would rotate it after maybe 1 minute, then flip after another minute. For most steaks more than 3-4 minutes total on the first side is way too much IMO unless they are ultra thick or your grill is set low.

You must like your steak rare.
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Maybe you need to leave it on 3-4 minutes a side because you grill it straight out of the fridge.
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Tonights dinner, a boneless shell and a bone-in ribeye

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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post
Tonights dinner, a boneless shell and a bone-in ribeye

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Well, my mom and dad were out at friends' BBQ tonight, and I had a craving for steak, so I decided to grill my own on the BBQ for the first time. This was my very first attempt at making steak of any kind, and I must say I am quite proud of my 'virgin steak', all thanks to this thread! Next time I think I could take it off the grill 30 seconds or so earlier to get it medium rare; not sure if the pics show it, but it was more of a medium and I like my steak a TAD rarer... Anyways, here's results along with garlic roasted asparagus I also made and mashed potatoes my brother made. What I did: - Rubbed down room-temperature rib-eye steak with minced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper - Sprayed grill with PAM - Preheated propane grill on HIGH to ~550-600F - Threw steaks on - Didn't touch for 1 min - Rotated steak, didn't touch for 1.5min - Flipped steak, turned down heat - Waited ~2, took temperature, waited another 45 seconds or so - Removed from heat, put on metal grill, let sit for ~3 minutes - Placed on pre-warmed dinner plate, enjoyed
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Nice work! Hope it was good.
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Originally Posted by sonick View Post

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