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Avoiding Barefoot Shoe Stink

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I've owned my Sperry topsiders, and other similar boat/deck shoes, but this is more about wearing shoes barefoot. These shoes have never stunk until recently. We had a hot week here in LA and I wore a few pairs without socks as I always do. Now they constantly smell horrible. I tried putting them in the freezer to kill the bacteria, but no luck. I wear them for no more than 10 minutes and they start stinking and make my feet stink afterwards as well. What's the deal, any tips? I have a feeling these are pretty much done, so I'll probably be buying some new topsiders.

Anything I should do with these pair or for future pairs to avoid this?
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soap and water?
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I read online you can stick the shoes in the freezer for an hour or so and the smell with go away. You could also try bonds foot spray
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Or you could just wear socks. Seriously. Wear the damned socks.
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no show socks

loafer socks.

the moral is to wear friggin socks.
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Use foot powder or alternatively baby powder.
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No show socks always seem to slide off my feet as I walk.
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I highly suggest to you go to a podiatrist to un-gross your feet. They seem rather gross.
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Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard View Post
I highly suggest to you go to a podiatrist to un-gross your feet. They seem rather gross.

It's not that, I've worn them fine for years without having them stink. Perhaps they've seen their day and are past the point of no return. I'll probably purchase some newer ones and try some powder/spray in hopes they will last longer. I'm not a big fan of loafer socks and similar, they always fall off my feet.
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Good question. Also interested in the answer to this.

Some people have feet that sweat in hot weather more than others. I suspect it's the former that experience smell issues after a while, not the latter.
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Boat shoes wih socks don't look good to me. I sprinkle a little Goldbond powder in the shoes after every few wearings. They make a foot powder, but I just use the same stuff I put on my balls.
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I've found once shoes get barefoot stink they will never be rid of it. Buy a new pair and always wear odoreaters with them.
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baking soda. leave it in your shoes overnight, dump out the excess, and put your feet back in them.
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Maybe try scouring the insides of the shoes with something like Purell? I'm sure it isn't great for the leather, but if you're gonna toss them anyway, might as well see what happens. Don't get mad at me when and if this fucks up your shoes, btw. I am offering what I'd consider a highly experimental and risky solution.
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