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Originally Posted by Jovan
Yeah, but if one of those guys were wearing a pocket square I'd take him out with the hornet gun . . .
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Originally Posted by GQgeek
You have got to be joking... When I'm in the lab I make sure not to wear anything too nice underneath. I find the fabric to be a bit abrassive. It really sticks to sweaters so i'll usually take them off before putting on the coat. And I've never seen a 100% cotton lab coat. It would kinda defeat the purpose of wearing it, but then I guess that depends on the environment you work in. I'm assuming doctors aren't really worried about strong chemicals being spilled all over them whereas with chemists it's a different story. Still, pocket squares with a lab coat is perhaps the dumbest idea i've ever heard...

I guess it's a different practice in a hospital then a lab. At my hospital, all physicians, and most non-physicians wear all-cotton (twill I believe) lab coats when not actually in the OR or Cath lab. I do't have any expereince with actual lab activity.
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I often wear a lab coat for experiments in the university:
-don't buy a very large one (like everyone does)
-it should be 100% cotton, for ur own sake!
-iron it
-keep the last button open, if security measures allow u to do so
That's all!
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I'm assuming what we are all referring to as the "lab coat" is the white variety, which traditionally is worn by physicians, pharmacists, chemists.

Yes, lab coats do come in 100% cotton, and some even come with knitted knots for buttons and a faux back-belt that accentuates the waistline. The differences in appearance between the better coats of 100% cotton and the polyester blends are very apparent. The former is substantial and the latter just looks cheap.
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I've always wanted to see a lab coat of this variety in action:

(best picture I could find)
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showing a little cuff, or wearing one in a different shade of color can bring out the lab dandy in you.
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