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A cordovan decision...

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I recently picked up my first shell shoes: RL darlton shortwings. Love em. Now it is time for pair #2. Note: I plan to pick up a perf'ed captoe cordovan boot in the near future, probably in #8 (or Cigar if the Alden gods smile upon me). Cordovan shoe #2 will be a double leather soled blucher or chukka. Here are the candidates so far: Alden

Ravello or Cigar NST or Chukka


RL Darlton PTB Bradford

Tragically, I can only afford one. Thoughts? Suggestions? Help me decide!
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If the Darlton wingtips fit well, then go with the Darlton PTB. Otherwise, I'd say the chukkas.
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Love those RL Darlton PTB.
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Those Darltons are timeless...:
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Where are you getting the Darlton PTB's? Thought they were discontinued.
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Originally Posted by Bostonian View Post

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Ravello chukka
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Those split toes in a darker color (I don't know what alden calls it) are probably my favorite shoes, so I can recommend them without reservations.

None of the others looks quite as good as this one to me, but I don't own a pair so can't really recommend...

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My thoughts - from your list - probably the Ravello Chukkas. Get something different than the Darlton shell cordovan. Honestly, my next choice would be off your list, probably something in #8. Alden's Number 8 (or AE's version - I have the MacNeil in burg shell) is such a versatile color, more so than cigar or ravello.
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