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What's in Your Wallet?

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(Did I just say that? Shoot me.)

Everytime NM is in a thread there are comments about what people carry in their wallets, and I am frequently surprised by what people do and do not carry from the financial standpoint.

I carry cash, my checkbook, and an AmEx, and I use them in that precedence. If that doesn't do it, we don't do business. You?
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I carry Amex black, MBNA Mastercard from my alma mater, debit/atm card, and cash. I don't think I've written a check for a purchase in ages.
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Cash bills, credit cards, other cards (ID etc), receipts (gets cleaned out every other day).
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Starwood MBNA MC, Air Canada Aeroplan Visa, Costco Plat Amex, ATM card, driver's license, pics of my kids, a couple of biz cards and a couple of spare cheques just in case. Cash goes in my pocket.
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mastercard, atm cards, my drivers license, a clinic card that shows my name and blood type, a couple of my name cards, and very little cash.
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Credit cards and reciepts, mostly.
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my wifes credit card, girls phone no. cash and id card!
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Student card, licence, bank account card, gym membership card, government health card, private health card, staff parking card for shopping centre, and a little cash.
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IDs, credit cards, shopping cards and sometimes cash.
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pictures of my wife, pictures of my baby nephews, pictures of my shoes.
no just kidding! only two of those above are true.

oh and also, pictures of the hundred dollar bills and fifty bills i used to have a long time ago in my wallet.
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hmmm... no one mentioned this before.
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I don't use a wallet, I use a slim leather cards/cash clip... So I carry cash, Amex/Visa, drivers license
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Originally Posted by lakewolf
I don't use a wallet, I use a slim leather cards/cash clip... So I carry cash, Amex/Visa, drivers license

Card case and money clip here, too. Contents: Visa, DL, insurance card.
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slim one pocket thing - one visa, one mastercard, one amex. drivers license. health insurance card.

keychain - library card, shopping club cards, gym card

extra wallet - 3 or 4 other credit cards (for backup while traveling) sims and calling cards from maybe 15 countries, club cards from a half dozen airlines and hotel chains.

pocket - cash, handkerchief, worry beads, little flash light, keys to house, office and car
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My wallet contains far too much - couple of credit cards, a debit card, couple of loyalty cards, various professional membership cards, some of my business cards, plus cash and a some change (wallet's got one of theose little pouches for coins incorporated into the design). Oh, and a receipt for some jewellery currently getting repaired.

Every now and then, I go through it, stripping out unnecessary items. But they seem to collect again quickly!
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