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Steal of a deal

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This is just a fun thread I wanted to start for us bargain hunters out there: What's the best "price-to-value" deal that you've ever scored on brand new merchandise? Maybe you won an authentic Kiton suit on eBay for $25.00, or maybe a retailer kept marking down an Oxxford shirt until you picked it up for $9.00 on a 15% off Father's Day sale or something. Many of us probably have some incredible stories to tell... What's your best story?
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I managed to get a suit that cost abour $800 for less than $200, thanks to a 30%-off sale and several gift certificates that were given as gifts to my family. Brand-new, and it's probably the best suit I own.
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Ebay steals: Diamante Blue Super 150's Double breasted Kiton suit on ebay for.....300 bucks. Brand new Isaia suit....500 bucks. Brand new Belvest suit...400 bucks. RLPL Super 120's suit...300 bucks. Kiton 7-fold tie...20 bucks. Incotex slacks...30 bucks. keep in mind, this was in the early days of Ebay, bargains there are much harder to find now.
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i'm not much of a bargain hunter, but the best deal i've scored, percentage wise, was a pair of dress pants at the macy's men's store. i payed $20, marked down from $120. They were from the spring collection and i got them in late summer.
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hmmm....Haven't got many deals recently but Bluefly have provided me with many a bargain. I got a pair of the infamous Prada sport pants with the side zipper for under $100 (with $24.95 shipping to Canada). I also got a few Diesel items for about 75%-80% off retail. Holt Renfrew is usually pretty good at the end of a season. I got 2 french cut Burberry dress shirts for less than $150 CAD. Here's a pic of one of the shirts (It's blue and white instead of the Lilac pictured...Came with cool cufflinks too)
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Know some other high-end outlets around TO? Thus far I only know 3: Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew, and Dack's Shoes.
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kiton seven fold tie US$14.00 marked down at a nm last call hermes dress shirts CHF50.00 (=US$35.00) at an hermes store in switzerland etro sport type pull over sweater CHF35 (=US$20.00) at an etro outlet in switzerland
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FCS, I don't know of anything else in Toronto. In London there's a good place called Channers, they have pretty decent sales (www.channers.ca). As a warning, their website sucks and is way outdated.
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