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peely foot

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One of my feet is all peely at the bottom. It doesn't itch. It doesn't smell. It's not between my toes. Do I have athlete's foot? Someone recommended a pumice stone. I've never used one before, are you supposed to just scour your entire foot (bottom) with it? Or just the heel?
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Just scrub it off with a washcloth after a shower. It's probably not any kind of disease, just skin that got hot, damp, rubbed, and got loose. Happens to me occasionally, along with my recurrent big toe calluses which I shave off from time to time. If you're worried, pay extra attention to cleaning your feet and maybe get some spray or something, but I've never needed it. And don't walk around barefoot in a gym or public bathroom.
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Something else that works well is glycolic acid.
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Try Gold Bond foot powder too, that stuff will dry your feet out, might prevent peeling.
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If the peeling begins to penetrate too deep into your tissues, you need to see a doctor. You may want to try a foot file, available at beauty supply houses. These tools, used properly, are miracle workers. My feet look better now, than they did twenty years ago.

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This happens to me at the end of the summer when all of the excess skin I've built up from flip-flops, mountainbiking, running on the beach, etc. starts to fall off. It's harmless, unless it goes really deep, then it's just painful. A pumic stone and/or foot brush work wonders.

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If you're careful about it and don't want to go out and buy something, using a pocket knife after a long hot bath works just fine. Just be careful, and obviously don't use anything that ever touches food. This is little different than a snake shedding its skin.
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