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Non-traditional Bachelor Party

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My best friend and "best woman" from my wedding is trying to plan a bachelor party for me and has asked what I would like.

Has anyone had a nice non-traditional (i.e. no strippers or golf or other "guy" stuff) bachelor party recently? Any ideas?

I'm also a little torn on the guest list. I guess I can ask her to invite anyone I wish, but something about it seems weird. Has anyone had their fiancee at their "bachelor party"? How about friends' wives and partners with whom you are equally close?

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Originally Posted by rdawson808
Has anyone had their fiancee at their "bachelor party"?


Aaaaahhhh! Run away!

Just kidding. If she doesn't mind drinking, do a lot of that. Have a nice dinner out, followed by alcohol until the bars close. Otherwise, I hear Scrabble is fun.
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what has the world come to??? The Bachelor Party Is Not A Time To Deviate From Tradition.
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There's a name for a co-ed bachelor party. It's called a "wedding shower."
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser
There's a name for a co-ed bachelor party. It's called a "wedding shower."
There's a name for the sort of guys that let their fiances talk them into having one too.
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Has anyone had their fiancee at their "bachelor party"?

Are you serious?

You might not mind, but what about the rest of the chaps? What happens on tour stays on tour, and the easy way to ensure this is no chicks allowed.

This is not one of those rules that is meant to be broken.
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I think tradition is a good thing, I had a traditional "prayer meeting" at my bachelor party, with a lot of "Lawd have mercy," "Good Gawd," and "Amen!" The fact that I knew one of the "deaconesses" was an added bonus. But, I digress. . . . If you want to do something different, go to a ball game or take a boat day-cruise. I once went to a bachelor party with a female "best mate," and she went traditional: picked him up in a 60's convertible, cigars, scotch, strippers giving lollypop rides -- the whole nine yards. She even had a lollypop ride. As for bringing the fiancee or going coed, I would advise against it. Enjoy the time with your friends, there are enough events related to the wedding that are coed.
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Unless they're working girls, there are to be absolutely NO chicks allowed at bachelor parties!! In fact, to be on the safe side, I usually recommend being in different city or state than the bride during this event (I went to another country for mine, well to NJ but I'm in Canada).
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Originally Posted by life_interrupts
strippers giving lollypop rides
Ok, call me naive, but what is this?
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I sincerely hope that the OP is joking. Or that he is going on his fifth marriage and has "been there, done that" in regards to bachelor parties.
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I think Bob is just saying he doesn't want a bachelor party. That's cool. Personally, I've been to a few strippers and whiskey bachelor parties, and they've always been kind of sad. Granted, these guys have not been really good friends of mine, which might make a difference. I could see enjoying that scene with the right people.

What do you like to do? Even if it's not a stag party, this thing should focus on you treating yourself to something you wouldn't, usually, and ostensibly won't often after you're married. Secondarily, it should be fun for the guests. Maybe you want to have a cigar and martini night at a snazzy cocktail lounge, and a limo back and forth. Maybe dinner, a play or an opera or something, then late night drinks and food. I think, at the least, it should be somewhat decadent/excessive.

People are going to balk at your fiancee attending, but if she's the only one in the wedding party not invited, then invite her.

Personally, I'm not real keen on strippers/gambling/etc., and when my time comes, I'd prefer a ball game, good food, and lots of drink. But you can bet it will be just me and my friends, no female guests invited.
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I hiked the Grand Canyon once with a friend who didn't want to do the traditional bachelor party.

However, I think the traditional one is more fun. It doesn't have to be all debauchery and table dances. For mine, my buddies and I went to San Diego for the weekend (which happened to coincide with the first weekend of the NCAA Basketball Tournament). So in addition to hitting a few strip clubs, we watched a lot of basketball, played a lot of video games at Dave & Busters, hit the beach and had some great seafood.
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I think you should go play paintball.
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Originally Posted by bBoy JEe
I think you should go play paintball.
Did it once. The bachelor got injured and we spent the night at the hospital (had to get stitches). Great idea, but if the bachelor is too competitive - can be risky.
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let me nominate myself as a stand in best friend. if you need me, I can come out to Maryland and get you in trouble with your fiance. nobody should miss their bachlor party.
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